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[1.0.7a] Try & Crash Me Server [CREATIVE | NO BANNED ITEMS/ABILITES | 20 slots] Crash Us!


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Try & Crash Me Creative Server

IP: fcofix2.fluctis.com


24/7 minus 2 minutes for every crash

About This Server:

This server is specifically made so players can derp around and potentially crash the server. We're ALWAYS running the latest build, even if it's unstable. Why are we doing this? We're trying to catch as many bugs for the modpack as we can so that other servers  This server's map resets OFTEN, so be aware!


Banned/Disabled/Restricted Mods:



Banned/Disabled/Restricted Items:



Map Resets:

1. Every Upgrade - Guarantees issue free updates.

2. Every Unrecoverable Crash - Crashes in which the server will not even boot.



1. Overloading is not the same as crashing, please do not overload our servers or you will be banned.

2. Please report crashes on the forums containing what you were doing at the time and your coords.

2. Rules are subject to change without notice.

3. No other rules.


Votifier, VotifierScripts, RemoteToolkit, Essentials



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What is this 1.0.3 you speak of?


Like I found the files


But no official post or anything.


It's the Latest Build, however it is NOT a RECOMMENDED build because it has not been fully tested.

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