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Top Posters In This Topic

17 % tropicraft to all the people in this forum thread that got super off-topic haha.Thanks ghostdog! In the meantime, people, post your PC specs (CPU, Memory, Graphics card, HDD). Mine is:

4 core 2.3 ghz (AMD)

6gb RAM

NVIDIA Geforce 610

160 gb

I was wondering how my PC will perform with this modpack.

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Tell me about it. I was the third person to comment on this thread (Deserves a trophy). Ever since then, it is so hard to make one comment without duping it. It is kinda amazing how popular this pack is. TBH, technic launcher needed this for popularity's sake. It used to be the shit back in the day and now people are now leaning towards FTB and ATLauncher. They are no competition for Technic!

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