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Transformation multiplayer glitch


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yes, it does the same thing for me and everyone that joins my private server.


you can even make the passive MOB a favorite to put into your '~' wheel to choose it faster. I can morph into a zombie or any hostile mob. but cant morph into passive mobs.

though ive been on other servers and seen then morph into passive mobs. but on ours, everyone cant.


I thought it was the configs. at first had made it so you don't auto morph the first time you kill the mob.

I changed it back to the original config. and it still wont recognize Passive Mobs.


Seems to do fine in a single player game though.


I haven't tested to see if it does it on my test server, but I assume it will since the files from the test server are straight port to the live server.

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This problem is due to an incompatbility between the Morph mod and MCPC+ (I'm a server owner, and have tested this, without MCPC installed, morph mod works perfectly, the moment MCPC is installed, it all just breaks for passive mobs). This isn't something the guys here at Technic can fix, unless they feel they want to take MCPC, change it, recompile it, and host it, which I doubt they want to.


You're best bet is to go over to the github issue tracker pages for MCPC and Morph, and report the problem there, maybe iChunn or the maintainers of MCPC can fix the problem, then we can go from there.

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