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Industrial Craft energy problems Please help!

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Alright so i made a bunch of water mills the other day to power all my machines and i wired them up to my base and i dont know if im doing something wrong or its a bug but when i hook it up to all the machines (macerator, extractor, 3 electro furnances) it drains the little energy arrow in like a second but my batboxes are still full. Im just really frustrated because i cant figure it out. Please help and heres a pic of my setup


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Can't really see much, but...

If you're using a small energy generation set, use copper cable only for a 4 piece run between batboxes and a 4 piece run after your final batbox for all your machines.

Are you sinking the watermills fully surrponded by water, or manually feeding them? Sinking them in water only provides a very small amount of power.

As for your batboxes being full, you need to power your machines from the dot side of the batbox, which is the output. If you can trace a wire run between your machines and your watrer mills without having to go through a batbox, you're doing it wrong.

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I hate to promote myself but please read this thread in order to understand how energy dissipates (specifically section 2), as it appears you have very long copper wires. Also, that may not be your only problem as your output (dot) side may not be facing your output wires.

No problem promoting yourself when you're right and only trying to help.

So yeah, read SimpleGuy's post or the IndustrialCraft2 wiki


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