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Darwin mobs only spawning in beach biomes


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So I been looking around my world for the darwin mobs, and the only place I have been able to find them is in 2 beach biomes.


Has anyone been able to find these mobs anywhere else?


I took a look at the code for the mod(im not a mod dev myself, but know some basic programming), and it looks like the mobs are set to spawn in "desert, beach, iceMountains, icePlains, taiga, taigaHills, desertHills, forest, forestHills, plains, extremeHills, extremeHillsEdge, jungle, jungleHills" biomes.


I'm pretty sure 'biomes o plenty' overwrites all these biomes except for the beach biome, so this could be why I dont see these mobs anywhere else.

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those biomes are just rare in BoP

you could always add the list of spawnable biomes? post it here so they can add it to the pack?


While as I said Im no mod dev, but it looks like the creator of this mod hardcoded it directly into the jar file using the vanilla biome classes and ids, such as biome id 1 for plains, 2 for desert, 4 for forest, 16 for beach.. etc. BoP changes these so now ID's 118 is plains,  71 is desert,  76 is forest, but it keeps the beach biome as 16. Forge is looking for these vanilla biomes with the vanilla id to spawn the mobs in but becasue BoP overides them and inserts its own version with new ID the vanilla versions dont exist anymore.


I found plenty of BoP plains, deserts, forests and no Darwin mobs spawned, but BoP doesn't override the beach biome and this is the only biome I have found these mobs in.


Also there's no config file for this mod, everything is hardcoded into the mod file.


The way I would fix this is setup a forge event listener for new biomes, then use a config file to blacklist biomes you dont want these mobs spawning in.

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meh, I captured one mob with a safari net, then put it in a MFR auto-spawner, and made sure exact copy mode was off, then (as I expected it would) it started spawning all the different darwin mobs, so now I dont have to go looking for them.

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You know, in all my time being an MFR beta tester for PC I never once played with the automated animal/mob farms? I guess I am just old school. We really should have made a wiki.


I am a bit surprised he put my name in the credits, though :P

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