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  1. Is there a randomwarp? also, is it whitelisted? it keeps telling me bad login.
  2. I wasn't spitting at you, I did not use profanity or call you any names at all. I was simply pointing out that your restrictions altered the core of tekkit. and BTW, read your OP "Banned Mods: Dimensional Doors, Dimensional Anchor, Redstone in Motion" Banned. I said I 'understand' banning mystcraft, because it is not a pack-defining mod, and brutalizes servers in almost every case except for a dedicated, owner-created mining world. (even then lower end servers pay for it in lag). Whether you banned it or not was not relevant. I said quarries were 'restricted'. Perhaps you should alter your OP to reflect this. This IS what potential donators look at, after all, before they choose a server. In general, I do not have a problem with donating to dedicated, low-lag servers. I do, however, see witholding core mod elements from all but 'supporters' to step over the line into 'pay to play'. Cash shop for bonuses, special server commands or kits for supporters, awesome. Modpack elements? bad. I do however appreciate the explanation for redstone in motion. I was equating it to redpower frames, and apparently it is not in the same league. As for dimensional anchors, immibis.cfg contains the dimensional anchors configuration. It is set, default, to unlimited, but you can change the maximum allowable chunks. I don't think you can set it per-chunkloader, but you can absolutely set it both to require fuel (although if you do, I suggest allowing fuel to be piped in) and to have a total maximum chunkload value. You can ALSO set them so they will only load chunks while a player is online, which makes them have far more utility. Please do not mistake my comments for rage, spitting, or aggression, I am quite interested in the server, I was simply raising some issues before I become invested in a community.
  3. I understand banning Ddoors and mystcraft (They are always problematical) but as far as chunkloaders are concerned, dimensional anchor is about the most painless to use. just alter the config file to require a fuel. I don't get banning redstone in motion at all. by restricting it and quarries, you have removed pretty much the entire reason to even have buildcraft installed. Might as well kill BC too. and, without quarries, you clearly don't need much in the way of power, so there goes big reactors. hmmm... now you have about half the modpack disabled. So why even bother calling it tekkit?
  4. actually there IS a visual telltale when a pneumatic servo is installed AND the pipe head is set to export items. It is simply a rather subtle red outline at the very end of the pipe head.
  5. yes, I am sure you have seen this particular topic a thousand times. I have been wrestling with dropbox, trying to get a direct connection url, and when i input it into the mod url on my dungeon overlord mod page, the URL keeps giving me the same launcher error; to whit; cannot download The direct download link from dropbox is: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/xeb6tmcgw1c8wkb/dopack2.zip?dl=1&token_hash=AAGokt87dVKtJLSPmKXXutiPB7vmOjYQ0zEMi0aDhsq1wA and the modpack link for the launcher is: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/dungeon-overlord meh. it finally started working as I wrote this. I think it was due to some horrible lag on technicpack.net's end.
  6. I know I can still use the MFR biogen to connect to and power GC stuff using leadstone, although I think that it's actually native RF acceptance in galacticraft.
  7. I really want to answer your question with a suggestion but I keep getting distracted by your avatar. Have you tried... Damn, what is that? maybe if you... That Avatar is cool and screwed up at the same time. What is it?
  8. just make sure you don't do that with chisel
  9. try disabling the minions and/or inventory tweaks? they have been known to interact in...odd...ways as far as memory handling is concerned. In single player this is apparently not much of a problem, but on a server, memory leak interaction can cause weird issues. In addition, in the past (not sure about the present) furniture mod was known to be a bit leaky.
  10. actually, this causes a major problem for darwin mod as well.
  11. there is always basalt down near level 9 and below, interspersed with bedrock.
  12. just kill a bat Or research flight genetics. There's like 6 different ways to fly in this pack
  13. newest version of minions, apparently atomicstryker broke the 'putting stuff in chests' code. every single iteration there's always at least one major broken feature. figure the odds.
  14. hmmm, and here I thought just using biofuel generators was the key to AOTB good tutorial, although to be honest, a lot of TE is a bit overkill for the low power requirements for most of AOTB
  15. If you have both Java 6 and Java 7 installed, it certainly couldn't help. check in the control panel under 'programs and features' edit- also, in the launcher, click on the 'wheel' at the top right and make SURE that your memory is set to at least 2 gigs. if it is set to only 1 gig (default) on my computer it crashes every time.
  16. actually, AOTB has a LOT of 'unique crafting tables' which do not conform to NEI and will not bring up recipes, stuff like the genetics lab, dino tables, and the like could use a comprehensive wiki not to mention it would be a good place to put tutorials, introductions to poorly-documented mods, (of which there are several... or if not poor mod documentation, then scope that vastly outperforms existing documentation) tips and tricks that are absolutely and uniquely suited to aotb (does anything else need a bat-spawner? or a custom MFR breed-sorting Darwin farm?) and workarounds for commonly-modpacked mods that may not be available in the pack. good explanations of how certain blocks interact with modpack-unique items can help as well (Carpenter's fences used around an MFR farm will kill baby animals)
  17. updating the server to 1.06 seemed to fix the problem... or the server owner did it
  18. the armor gui is tinkers I think.
  19. Honestly dude, not an MRA. neoreactionary and military science fiction indy game writer. a lot of the same terms just get bandied about when discussing futurism. Maybe once was, but it's hard to sustain sympathy for folks that bring it on themselves. I just kicked into 'defensive analysis' mode when I started seeing the same 'style' of posting used here that I used to see by the trolls on huffpo, Jezebel, and manboobz. My sincere apologies. Frankly I just totally love the idea behind AOTB
  20. it is powered by the heat of rage and fuelled by the tears of trolls.
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