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B-Team runs at 3fps


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Hey so when i run attack of the b-team it immediatley runs at 3fps. I have render distance on short, graphics on fast, particles on minimal, and performance on Max fps. I also have my technic launcher set to use 5GB of ram. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Have you tried to install optifine ?


Edit; I've also had performance issues, some things that I've done that have helped me were installing optifine(drag and drop it into the mods folder), I removed the Tropicraft mod. Also removed the Inventory Tweaks mod, it made me drop to 0 fps when I opened my inventory.


Not sure if any of these things will help you, my problem was more with memory than fps, but it increased both for me.

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What part of your PC is maxing out? If you open task manager while the game is running, and go to performance, does it show CPU usage to be at 100% on any threads? If so you've simply not got a fast enough CPU (integrated graphics?). This is what stops me ever playing on my laptop.

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