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Hi, Ive been running a small bukkit now spigot server off a dedicated host out of vegas for a few years with various plugins across time. My players are bored and we recently went through a terrible corruption with the update that broke the world. We have backups but the users want something new. I thought tekkit might be a lot of fun for them.


I'm interested in tekkit but I can't seem to find hardly any documentation besides youtube videos by children. The wiki is pretty sparse. My users aren't terrible at learning new plugins but I usually have to make a video for them and host some details on our own wiki that further makes it easier to understand. The tekkit modpack and technic platform are monster projects that I just don't time to test and write documentation for myself. 


Do you have any resources that I can better learn tekkit for myself before I go and set it up as a server.   


I'm also specifically looking for compatibility with existing bukkit plugins. I understand that may be possibel with MCPC+ from MD5's page. An irc channel would be helpful as well. I have a l of simple questions like which version of minecraft is tekkit based off of at the moment etc. 



So if you were a bukkit server operator very comfortable in linux where would you send a fellow admin to learn tekkit is basically what I'm after.


Thanks it's appreciated. Looks like a fun client and a decent community. 

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It sounds like you've looked at the wiki, but you should be able to find the current Minecraft version there (if you click through to Tekkit) as well as all the current mods (and versions) included.  The version number (MC 1.5.2 / Tekkit 1.1.10) can be found at the top-right.


Now we're getting close to an upgrade to MC 1.6.4 (Tekkit 1.2.5) and there are LOTS of changes in the works, so what currently seems a sparse wiki is about to get downright skeletal...  things have been added and removed and there'll be a lot that needs documenting.  But just to be sure you're looking in the right place, go to the wiki, select Tekkit, and then you can drill down into each of the component mods (at least, most of them; there are some I haven't had time to fully test/document myself).  While it's not nearly complete it should still give you an idea about most everything in the current recommended build.


I can confirm that MCPC+ works well with plugins (for the current recommended build); haven't gotten around to using it for the current test build but I don't see any reason it wouldn't work as well.

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MCPC+ works well with 1.6.4 packs. Most plugins work well. Protection plugins? Some, not so much. It seems that some of the mods aren't calling/throwing events in a way that allows Bukkit plugins to intercept things like opening inventories and accessing GUIs for some blocks.

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