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Iron Chests <3


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Alright, i'm not sure if i'm the only one, but i truly hate the limited space we have for chests in this modpack, so for my own modpack i added iron chests 2




This makes it so you can "evolve" single chests into bigger chests, iron chests = the equivalence of a double chest, while only taking up one space. I found this very useful since we have so many different items from the mods, it makes it easier for sorting. :)


A thing to note ; you can place the upgraded chests next to eachother without them merging, making it where you can have 2+ next to eachother full of different things without a problem! :D

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like I said before, I'd be just as happy with better storage (I personally like crates) or even extra utilities (storing tinker's construct metals in drums totally rocks, as does compressing cobblestone and dirt so it's there when you need it to built your giant observatory and laboratory)


I have tested extra utilities extensively, and cannot find any conflicts with any of the other mods. even the 'peaceful table' doesn't really alter any themes, since it gives you more opportunity to play with research instead of constantly hunting down mobs for everything.


but iron chests would help too.

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