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Crashes when returning from Nether or exploring in creative.


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I'm pretty much in "browse mode" with this mod at the moment, so I exploring everything in creative to look at the new biomes and such.


I've found that every time I return from the Nether, the computer hangs when loading the world and then crashes.  This doesn't generate a crash report.  It just dumps me back to the Technic client screen.


It also does this when I explore for a long time.  If I point myself in a direction and start flying, say for about 15-20 minutes, the   I will begin to notice a definite FPS drop until I will get to a point where I can see on the map where the next chunk isn't loading and then the game will stop completely and kick me out to the Technic client screen without generating a crash report. 


My computer should have plenty of ram and graphics capabilty to handle everything this mod throws at it so I don't know what's going on.  It seems to me like this problem is some kind of lag based crash but I can't figure out how to stop it.  Reducing the graphics quality and my render distance didn't help either.

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I actually had it popped up to 3 and it made a HUGE difference in performance.  I was running around shooting the tornado gun and there was no lag at all which astounded me because I was using that "along with being in a REALLY DENSE redwood forest" with a village in it as my benchmark.  Performance really cleared up.  I hadn't even noticed that little options symbol up there.

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