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god mode/invincibility?


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I have a small tekkit server for my friends and family. I allow my little brother to play. however hes still learning how to "game" 

I'd like to be able to enable a god mode for him so he doesnt die, without using creative mode


I tried installing Essentials mod, but i havent been able to get it to work with tekkit (also heard it can introduce other conflicts)

I have forgeessentials installed but that doesnt include god mode. 

Any suggestions out there for a way to implement a god mode? 

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In NEI there's 2 creative modes:  The regular vanilla version and also "Creative+" which has an extra-large survival inventory and relies on the normal NEI menu to spawn stuff in.

I'm thinking you could set him to C+ without opping him, so he can fly and wont die but can't give himself blocks and items, that could probably work.

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