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Poor Performance


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So I have Attack of the B-Team, and I've never ran into problems like this before.

I've played modpacks with upwards of 150 mods in them with no problems.


But whenever I play AoTBT it stutters like there's no tomorrow

Steady 50-100 FPS, then down to 2-15. Around every 5-10 seconds.


My computer SHOULD be able to handle this:


16gb RAM

AMD FX-4100 quad core CPU

Radeon 5500

64-bit OS (Windows 7)



And I get terrible performance running on Tiny, Advanced open GL, decreased particles, and fast graphics.

These settings landed me 400+ FPS with tekkit.


The problem appears to be the ammount of RAM allocated (Its constantly hovering at 80-98%)


The highest I can allocate via launcher is 1gb, anybody here who can help me?




Apparently I have 32-bit Java (facepalm) I'll be back with the update


**EDIT 2

Java 64 fixed it, lets hope the performance improves

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