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Looking For Guidance

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I have been looking high and low for a tutorial, guide, or wiki on the elements, functions, and mobs of the Client Hack Slash Mine. However, besides the main page forum, I have come up with very little to satisfy my curiosity.

While discovering new and interesting items and status upgrades is exciting, I always find it helpful to have a central site where I may enhance my knowledge and forge some sort of goal (instead of trying different things hap-hazardously). Though I know the client is still in the Alpha state, It would be nice to know where it stands and where it is leading.

Is there any sort of place or guide where I may put to rest all of my curiosity (and even noobish) questions?

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Google "Hack Slash Mine Wiki", I recently started one and it's coming along nicely :) There's way too much for me to sit down and spell out atm, but a lot of players have already filled in a good bit, leaving me to fill in the few mistakes. Hope this helps! And I totally understand where you're coming from :/

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