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Attack on the B Team Server 20 Slots WhiteList All Ages

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Why you want to join the server:

IP is

no griefing
no pvp
no Stealing
you can prank but nothing really bad
witchery is allowed but don't kill people just have fun with them and be a good sport if you are being witch'd

Plugins: None! because i hope i won't need to use any anti grief but I qill take plugn requests

This is a friendly server so be nice Thank You!

Hope to see you on biggrin.png 

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IGN: HannahHolden (may be changing it but ill let you know if I do)

Skype: chives_15 (or Chives15)


Age: 15


Why you want to join the server:

Just want to play in a server where people aren't annoying and to play minecraft with fun enjoyable people.

And yes im a girl don't hate.

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IGN: Spartansn1p3r

Skype: Spartansn1p3r (I can use this for messaging but I wont be able to do calls, as my mic is broken)

Age: 14

Why you want to join this server: I want to join this server because I want to experience this modpack the most efficient and fun way and that is a whitelisted smp server that has a great community. This seems like the perfect match so that why I applied!


Also 1 Question : Is this server updated to 1.0.6 yet and are there any banned items (Dubstep guns ect)?





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IGN: SilverLoD

SKYPE: silvertvk

AGE: 20

Why you want to join the server: Want to enjoy the modpack with other players without the worry of coming back to find my base destroyed and everything stolen. I would like to be able to do videos and livestreams without having to worry about people coming after me who might watch.

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Ign: Torlus

Skype: soren2402

age: 23

why do you want to join the server: I love modpacks. I often play with my freinds but its not the same as playing with peoples from other parts of the world. I would be very happy if i could join the server:-)

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IGN: Lord0Rahl


Skype: hellrick96


Age: 17


Why would you like to join this server? I seek a small Whitelisted server because it is so much easier to get known to each other and i just want to meet new people to play with. An other factor why i choosed this server is because it does not use plugins(atleast at the moment) and i think they disrupt the feeling of minecraft.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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