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  1. IGN: Spartansn1p3r Skype: Spartansn1p3r (I can use this for messaging but I wont be able to do calls, as my mic is broken) Age: 14 Why you want to join this server: I want to join this server because I want to experience this modpack the most efficient and fun way and that is a whitelisted smp server that has a great community. This seems like the perfect match so that why I applied! Also 1 Question : Is this server updated to 1.0.6 yet and are there any banned items (Dubstep guns ect)? Regards -Spartan
  2. IGN: Spartansn1p3r Skype: Spartansn1p3r Age: 14 Reason: I want to join because I want to be able to explore this modpack more not just by myself but with a community, without the annoyances of trolls/greifers.
  3. 1/name: Tommy 2/IGN: Spartansn1p3r 3/Age: 14 4/skype: Spartansn1p3r 5/Have you been banned from a server: nope. 6/location: Australia 7/Nationality: 1/2 Aussie 1/2 Maltese 8/How long a day do you plan to play on the server: Depends on the day, weekdays would be around 3 hrs whilst the weekends would be from 4-9. 9/why do you want to be on this server: because I love playing on whitelisted smp servers, just having a good time in a minecraft community with no trolls is so nice! I also want to play so I can experiment with attack of the bteam more! 10/hobbies: Videogames (obviously), Maths, Building/Decoration, Caving. 11/Any further questions?: none that I can think of. Thanks for your consideration -Spartan
  4. Try reinstalling the server, if that isn't the problem I'd also reinstall attack of the bteam, that should fix it (worked for me at least)
  5. Try adding more memory by clicking the gear either in the top right or next to attack of the bteam in the scroll menu.
  6. Hi there! I'm new to the forum and this is my first post, all you need to do to get your old world back is you have to replace your new world with the one you want. All you need to do is delete the new one and drag the old one into place of the new one and it should fit right in! Hope I helped :D
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