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Rules :
1. No theft - OF ANY KIND
2. No Griefing - staff will tp you from spawn with a bed for safety  :)
3. No Racism - Instant ban
4. Keep swearing at a minimum
5. No rule bending - A rule is a rule I don't want to hear excuses.
6. No begging - survival is survival.
The are no mods removed - For now.

No banned items - For now.

Plugins - Keeping it strictly vanilla for now.
I was tired of playing alone, so I put this up, come join me - thanks to Kakermix for providing this simple decription.

Uptime : 24/7

The perfect player :
Not scared to ask staff for a teleport or a favor that does not include any material or item distribution.
A team worker that shares his items and does not abuse the friendlyness of other players.
Somebody that follows the rules but does not bother helping other players keep the rules - Staff should do this.

Meaby a cool section past this line later?  :) ---------------------------------------------------------------


Note : This is a repost to update server version if there is any way to edit topic titles. tell me please.

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The new post certainly did help the server... a bit too much. The server is constantly full. needs more slots T_T

can't allow too many people . The server can't take it :P Also its not the repost that helped its me fixing a tcp error caused by some file.

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