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Why does my Buttox Smell Like Cabbage


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hello my name is mseibert16 and i have been diagnosed with cabbagebuttitis it is a disease that ravages the body eventually making it all smell like rotten cabbage. I dont know if anyone else feels my pain put the doctor says i have about 1 day to 100 years to like and i don't think i have much more time considering i'm 21 years of age. Does anyone want to donate to help find a cure. The donation page can be found at www. thispageissofakeitsfunny.com please donate generously knowing what im going through and now here is a homeless man with his dog to inspire you to donate. 


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Really? is this what you get off on? to start saying others form of comedy stinks while yours is worse. In the words of Richs_Yard Great profile name btw "NO MOM SCHOOL IS USLESS" MOM says "GO TO SCHOOL OR ELSE YOU WILL BE FLIPPING BURGERS AT WENDYS YOU PATHETIC LUMP." Richs_Yard says " """'NWENDYS IS DELICIOUS!

HAVE YOU HAD THEIR FRIES MOM!!!!!!!!" That definitally sounds so much funnier than what i said!!!![extreme sarcasm]. So bottom line dont make fun of other people for what your bad at and this is all on his profile page under Profile Feed.



                                                  spit fire il spit it right back 15 year old in a with the brain of a immature 20 year old his words not mine with lots of XOXOXOXOXOXOX's after Valentines day Mseibert16

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