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[1.0.12a] Skyreach Network [Dedicated Machine] [NO LAG] [Towny PVE/Survival] [Factions PVP] [Minigames] [50 Slots] [Teamspeak] [Great Community]

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Skyreach B-Team

Server has been updated to Rec build 1.0.12a



IP: play.skyreachmc.com




Welcome to the Skyreach network, We run a dedicated high performance Server with no lag! Join the server, meet our members and start a Town or Faction of your own. We also allow any player to create their own shop, and have a small ban list.


Everyone is welcome at Skyreach and we look forward to seeing you In-game.


Skyreach is a place where we try to offer something for everyone. Towns provide large community building projects as well a grief free place to live. Town owners are encouraged to build whatever they like as large as they like! We have a small ban list and only ban things that Crash the server or destroy Towns.


Not into towns? Try the Factions world where PvP and power rule! Factions are a great way to compete with your friends in a PvP environment.


The Towny world is now the Official PVE world for the server, Making Towns a grief free place to build.

Alternatively the Factions world Is the Official PVP/Raid/Grief world for the server. 


At Skyreach we also run an awesome Minigames world on dedicated hardware so arenas and games run as smooth as possible.

Minigames List:


Paint Ball



Mob Pits

Treasure hunts




More to come!




We run over 30 Plugins,

Plugins of Note:





Chest Shop




Paint Ball


TeamSpeak Info


Pass: skyreach






Mob Arena




Server Hub









Server Type:

Liquid cooled 5Ghz Quadcore

Dedicated Server


Raid5 Array



No Griefing spawn

No Hacking!

No X-Raying!

No Spawn Killing!

No Impersonation of any staff member or staff of a minecraft community website.

No Command or Message spamming!

No Advertising!






Server Address:



IP: play.skyreachmc.com



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This server never has and never will take donations, Donations are not need to keep the server going as this is not a rented Hoste. I hoste this on my Personal server that I built :)


Had a small issue with Towny locking into Safe mode, Issue has been fixed and you can now move again.

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As mentioned above the server is NOT Whitelisted


Lots of Fixes!

Wrenches can no longer steal machines from towns

Minions are now usable by Uber and Above only (Ranks are Gained from IN-GAME currency)

Bounties on mobs have been tweaked

Block logging has been Upgraded

Lwc has Been added as an additional layer of Town protection

Uber, Boss, Boss+ Kits have been fixed

New ranks and perks added

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Happy Easter everyone! If your looking for a Server that is NOT whitelisted and lets you build in safety then you have found the right place. We use a combination of Towny,LWC, and a bit of tweaking to make your claimed areas safe and grief free.


Visit us at Skyreachmc.com for more information or the IP to our other servers.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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