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  1. Name:(either real or IGN i don't care lol): Well my IGN is MiningKK but my real name is Kapri so you can call me whatever you would like Age:(Must be between 18 - 25):I am sorry but I am only 15. Gender: (Any): Male Youtube link:(if any and i don't care about how many subs you have): At the moment I do not have a Youtube channel but I could either be in your videos if possible or try to work out the problems I have been having of starting up a channel What makes you perfect to record with:Hmm, what makes me perfect to record with. I would say my fun and exciting attitude and my ability to carry on a conversation. I am also a very active player when it comes down to Minecraft. Little bit about yourself: Like I mentioned before I am currently 15 years of age. I am Canadian and I love to play video games (such as Minecraft, World of Tanks and League of Legends). I am a very fun and exciting person to be around (trust me, you will never be bored around me). I am a very passionate Minecraft player and have been playing this wonderful game for close to 3 years now. If you would like to know anything else about me just let me know . Skype: kapri.mclean (I do have Raidcall and Teamspeak so I am able to talk on whatever, also if you plan to add me on skype, my profile is the one with the orange Pontiac GTO). Well I'm just going to end my little application off here, I hope to hear from you soon. -MiningKK/Kapri
  2. IGN: MiningKK Age: 15 Skype: kapri.mclean (Just a little note, my profile is the one with a picture of a car Country: Canada Why do you want to join the server?: I have been looking for a nice whitelisted that does have an excess amount of plugins and dis-respectful players like most servers I have been on. I am also looking to join this server just to mainly play with others (Singleplayer gets very boring after a while How long have you been playing Minecraft for?: I have been playing minecraft for about 3 years now How often will you be online?: As often as I can be, I may have things going on that day so I can't really plan out how long I can and will be on. Will you willing to help other players?: Yes, I am willing to help others if the have any questions or need help with a build of some sort About yourself: Well as I mentioned in my application here I am 15 years old and I am from Canada. I generally play AOTBT and vanilla Minecraft a lot (Along with other games of course). I am very helpful, kind, and respectful to everyone who encounters me. If someone makes me angry at first I will deal with it in a calm manner but if they continue, I will get very angry. Have you read and agree the rules?: Yes, I have read and agreed to the rules. Hope to see you in the game! -MiningKK
  3. IGN: MiningKK Age: 15 Skype: kapri.mclean (Btw my account is the one with the picture of an orange muscle car, and hopefully you can have 1 more person on your server. I hope you accept me )
  4. IGN: MiningKK Age (You Must Be 13+): I am currently 15 years of age Skype: kapri.mclean (Btw my main account is the account with the profile pic as an orange muscle car). Did You Read The Rules:Indeed I did Why Do You Want To Join The Server: My friend and I have been looking for a server to play on together that is of course whitelisted so we chose yours. We plan on working with others at times and helping anyone that needs items or say a home. How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: I know a lot from each and every mod. Gender: Male
  5. IGN: MiningKK Skype: kapri.mclean Average time you'll be on the server: At least 2-3 hours a day. Will you follow the rules?: I most certainly do.
  6. Oh wait nevermind, I was looking in the wrong place. Sorry.
  7. Hi there, I have visited your website and do not see the whitelist application.
  8. IGN: MiningKK Skype: kapri.mclean Youtube: TheMiningKK (Don't post anything unless I need to) Best minecraft talent: I would say my best Minecraft talent is building. I love to build and also practice the art of Witchery if ya know what I mean Age: I am currently 15 years old Anything else: Not really anything else that you would need to know, if you have any questions just talk to me over skype or in-game. Also if I do not answer over skype please send it to my inbox here at the forums. Thanks for reading! -MiningKK
  9. Ingame Name: MiningKK Age: 14 but turning 15 tomorrow if it counts Why you want to join: I have joined these whitelisted servers in the past and the have gotten boring for me, but I trust that this one will not. I like playing with a small group of people and not a huge server with about 100 different people. It gets a bit ridiculous. Skype: kapri.mclean (I have 2 accounts but my main one is the one with the picture of an orange car) How well do you know this mod pack: I know most of the mods inside and out. I am still getting the hang of witchery and qcraft. Do you agree to the rules?: Yes I most certainly do. Hope to hear from you soon! -MiningKK
  10. My Ign is MiningKK If you need anything else from me just let me know over the forum pm system or skype which my skype name is listed on my profile -MiningKK
  11. Age?: 14 but 15 in 5 days Country?: Good Ol' Canada IGN?: MiningKK Do you understand the rules?: Yes I most certainly do.
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