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  1. Name:(either real or IGN i don't care lol): Well my IGN is MiningKK but my real name is Kapri so you can call me whatever you would like Age:(Must be between 18 - 25):I am sorry but I am only 15. Gender: (Any): Male Youtube link:(if any and i don't care about how many subs you have): At the moment I do not have a Youtube channel but I could either be in your videos if possible or try to work out the problems I have been having of starting up a channel What makes you perfect to record with:Hmm, what makes me perfect to record with. I would say my fun and exciting attitude and m
  2. IGN: MiningKK Age: 15 Skype: kapri.mclean (Just a little note, my profile is the one with a picture of a car Country: Canada Why do you want to join the server?: I have been looking for a nice whitelisted that does have an excess amount of plugins and dis-respectful players like most servers I have been on. I am also looking to join this server just to mainly play with others (Singleplayer gets very boring after a while How long have you been playing Minecraft for?: I have been playing minecraft for about 3 years now How often will you be online?: As often as I can be, I may have things going
  3. IGN: MiningKK Age: 15 Skype: kapri.mclean (Btw my account is the one with the picture of an orange muscle car, and hopefully you can have 1 more person on your server. I hope you accept me )
  4. IGN: MiningKK Age (You Must Be 13+): I am currently 15 years of age Skype: kapri.mclean (Btw my main account is the account with the profile pic as an orange muscle car). Did You Read The Rules:Indeed I did Why Do You Want To Join The Server: My friend and I have been looking for a server to play on together that is of course whitelisted so we chose yours. We plan on working with others at times and helping anyone that needs items or say a home. How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: I know a lot from each and every mod. Gender: Male
  5. IGN: MiningKK Skype: kapri.mclean Average time you'll be on the server: At least 2-3 hours a day. Will you follow the rules?: I most certainly do.
  6. Oh wait nevermind, I was looking in the wrong place. Sorry.
  7. Hi there, I have visited your website and do not see the whitelist application.
  8. IGN: MiningKK Skype: kapri.mclean Youtube: TheMiningKK (Don't post anything unless I need to) Best minecraft talent: I would say my best Minecraft talent is building. I love to build and also practice the art of Witchery if ya know what I mean Age: I am currently 15 years old Anything else: Not really anything else that you would need to know, if you have any questions just talk to me over skype or in-game. Also if I do not answer over skype please send it to my inbox here at the forums. Thanks for reading! -MiningKK
  9. Ingame Name: MiningKK Age: 14 but turning 15 tomorrow if it counts Why you want to join: I have joined these whitelisted servers in the past and the have gotten boring for me, but I trust that this one will not. I like playing with a small group of people and not a huge server with about 100 different people. It gets a bit ridiculous. Skype: kapri.mclean (I have 2 accounts but my main one is the one with the picture of an orange car) How well do you know this mod pack: I know most of the mods inside and out. I am still getting the hang of witchery and qcraft. Do you agree to the rules?:
  10. My Ign is MiningKK If you need anything else from me just let me know over the forum pm system or skype which my skype name is listed on my profile -MiningKK
  11. Age?: 14 but 15 in 5 days Country?: Good Ol' Canada IGN?: MiningKK Do you understand the rules?: Yes I most certainly do.
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