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HORIZONCITY- BTEAM - Is now offically closed.

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UPDATED: June 19,2014

This server as officially closed.

our community now plays and supports

NEMALANDS Server as our preferd GO to server.


The server is still paid for until the July 6th.

it as been temp changed to a Vanilla 1.7.9 server.

you can join it here.. and enjoy creative on it for a few days with friends. then... it will fully close after the 6th.

please join our community to keep up to date with our custom server list on our webite.

or go to NEMALANDS to find our commuinity






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We had a bit of fun last night messing around with the flans mod CTF game. we hope to add the battlearenas setup my the end of march.


Right now, the economy is still getting set in motion. SO, for the time being,


Towns are FREE to start up. it will cost $50 to claim a new chunk of land, and $500 to make an outpost. but everything else is free.

town and nation upkeep are off at the moment. It may be turned back on at a later date once the economy is better established. You can establish your own taxes for residents who own land if you want.

chestshops are setup to work in any chunk. Not just Shop only plots. The towny "day" cycle is set right now at every 3 REAL LIFE days. so it should be easy to get income for residents to pay any land costs you set by then.


Factions cost is $100 to set it up. but you get money back for every 24hours that you own land.


There is no votifier setup at the moment. so these are the only 2 ways to earn cash on the server. you start with $250. its up to you to earn money and bring more cash into the economy :)

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Lol this post is incredibly misleading. The server is clearly not fully set up yet. Spawn is incredibly basic, factions does not seem to be implemented (which is probably good since it's foolish to have both factions and Towny), and there is no player economy as of yet. Not even an admin shop. None of the standard plugins you see on a 100 slot server, like chat, anti-hacking, or anti-lag plugins seem to be implemented either. For fans of the Morph mod you should probably also mention that you have made your own modifications to it (i.e. you have to kill the wither to fly, bats and hornets won't help). Yall jumped the gun with announcing the server on here, it would have been wiser to make sure the server is ready and competative with other alternatives before posting.

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hey baba,


you should've cecked our website. faction IS setup and it works GREAT with Towny!


Towny is designed to work on the main world, mars and moon only. factions only work on the pvp worlds. (which is all others..includeing or pvp world)

Theres advatages to owning both. with factions, you can claim land in pvp worlds and  earn money every 24hours for each land you own. you can also join together to protect eachother form pvp'ing on the pvp worlds.

with towny, you FULLY protect your home. as long as you claim the land do /t forsale then claim it as your pirvate chunk. no resident of your town can do ANYTHING in your land.

except push a wooden button. that's all they can do.


the admins are still working on setting up some basic shops for players to sell to near spawn. But its up to the players to make shops. I have 3 so far at my redteam town.

the admins have been on vacation but they should start making warps to player shops if they want them. ( all you have to do is /mail send [any admin] coridantes where you want warp.

if you have altest 3 chesthsops..it'll be prioveded free of charge.


We DONT use admin shops as in our experience, its damages the True feel of supply and demand. there HAS to be a cut of to the shop. and admin shops never do that. ( in my experience anyway. Plus, with admin shops, players never seem to make shops or trade between eachother. they just sell to admin shops. we offer a TRUE economy. meaning,

if you don't make the shop. the economy wont exist.


we have chat. we have an anti hacking plugin. we just don't advertise it. we don't need anti-lag plugins since the serverhost we use as great uptime. when Ive checked data logs, we've been running at 18-20 TPS with plenty of ram.


as far as lag goes, thers soo many things that can cause it. not just serverside, but client side, and internet side, that using a plugin still wont stop it.


We decided to changed the configs so people cant fly unless they kill the wither to give more challenge to the player. which makes using the advanced genetics mod more satisfying or killing the wither more rewarding.

I felt that if players can just fly by killing a bat. then why do the advanced genetics? it was a personal choice yes. to bring more challenge to the server.


but thank you for mentioning this. ill update the server info to reflect that info.



Also, we are still alpha phase. IT says that when you join the server, or when you type the host name in to look it up thru the launcher. we welcome any player feedback as were still growing and devolping it.



thanks for takeing the time to review our server we appericate the feedback

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were you the one on earlier that spawned a tornado at spawn? props for being able to. other server owners would have banned you for that.

not us. we just work on figuring out how you did it. and fix it.


EDIT: Nope, that was an ADMIN having some fun


were not trieing to be like every other server out there. we devopling our own band of server style. and part of that is


NO BANS... NO MORE THAN 2 rules ever!

how many server you know can say that?

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we starting to have a lot of fun on the server, averging more people. Reg_Huffington is the official head admin hes on vaction right now, but as soon as he gets back he'll be working to make spawn better

he's also got some great ideas using the flans mod. so study up on the guns, we got some great battlearenea coming down the pipeline

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I say this is the best B-team server out there it is a very Unique community that i have EVER seen the mixes and twists this server has it just makes it Challenging and fun and i love the events and nice admins they have and just 2 rules that are SOOOO easy to follow What can go wrong i say DEFIANTLY check this server out it has AWESOME events and staff and we are ALWAYS looking for Ideas!


And about what Baba said NO we are not unprepared we have a few tweaks and bam we should be good to go and the reason why we dont have ANY other plugins that reduce lag and stuff like that is because we have yet to even Get lag really (Unless your me and your comp crashes once in awhile with this modpack) We average around  4-13 players a entire day 


I also want to discuss how this community is "Awesome" Its like that because its something new or fresh not some server that starts you off with 1k or gives you 500$ and 5 diamonds every vote we are legit we balance the prices and rewards so they are not op and everyone gets a chance with things we have also recently gotten factions and towny for our servers  and they do both well Especially B-team since we have PVP and NON-PVP worlds so we have 2 servers basically in just 1 server I say if your looking for a legit Very Fun and Very Balanced Community/Server Pick this one its your best choice out of prob 96% of the B-team servers out there so come on and get on find a world you wana play in and Join a faction or town and Start on Being a MAD SCIENTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the words of encouragement, I really appericiate it. were working hard to get it up to par with the "BIG TIME" servers. It took 6 months to get our hexxit server on par with the Bigger servers, and were STILL tweaking it so it offers something different and better the community.


Our BTEAM server as the same goal. its in Aplha testing (as it says when you join) so there will be bumps along the way. But so far, No server side lag and its a great 2 in 1 server. Not many bteam servers right now are offering a 2 in 1 package.


Towny is for : main world, Moon and mars.


Factions is for: ALLLLLLLL other worlds. (includeing our PVP WORLD which you can get to from spawn or doing  /warp pvp)

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ore configurations have been tweaked slightly to make for a better economy roleplay format. the deeper into the earth you go the better ore you'll find. this is server is not being made for those that want to to get all and be amazing in 5 minutes. this is being designed for  those that want to build there way up to something great!


You can go the route of being a mayor of a town and making a stronge economic city with your own arenas and rules. basicllay, you can use towny to create your own server within a server.


or you can go the route of owning  a faction and making a strong and powerful faction force to be feared in the pvpworlds.

Or.. you can do both :)


All in one server. Who could ask for more? oh, you can ask for more, really? well then, go to our website, join it, create a poll on our bteam froum and vote to make a change. we listen. we grow, and we enjoy a better server thanks to you.

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sorry guys, the crash keeps being caused by the same tick entiy issue. happening at -1215 4 689. Which is about 30 blocks north of spawn.

im having to completey  delete the chunk file its in and regenerate it. Meaning the spawn is going to have to be redone


UPDATED: crash appers to have been resolved. spawn is being remade. this mod isn't really meant for you to hang around spawn anyway.

get out and explore.


the world you spawn on is Non-PVP. you will need to make a town with /t new {name} to build or mine.


once spawn is complete, it will have all this information there for new players. sorry if this caused any issues to anyone. we are still in alpha testing though.

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24 hours. no crash! looks like we fixed our only crashing issue.


a few changes coming over the weekend. 


1) we've added a new pvp logger that prevent teleport commands during combat and kills you if you log out during combat.


2) currently nether and end portals can only be made from the main world at your towny base. I plan to adjust the world files this weekend so that nether portals will only be made instead from the PVP world. so there will be an advantage to owning a faction in the pvp world. this is to try and balance the challenge and perks of owning or being part of

a town on main world  or a faction on pvp worlds.


3) ore configuration as been raised for iorn and many other ores that were not spawning as much due to tweaks we did to the ore generation configs. you should start seeing them spawn a little more.


4) spawn is being re-made to be easier to leave. shops are still being worked on. we really encourage players to make shops. NO admin shops will EVER be on our server.

The economy is started and maintained by you...they player, not me


5) Votifier as been added as way to get a little cash on the server, and show support if you like it. you'll only get up to 200 bucks. with votifier.


6) towny price is being raised to 100 dollars on the main world (from free) to keep people from strip mineing the main world with the minions.


coming down the pipeline: looking for a good horse protection plugin. ive tried 2 already, but didn't like them. still looking. The head admin is coming back Monday and has some fun games planned for his return! We got some fun ideas coming with the flans mod and battlearenas. stay tuned!

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I apologize for the recent misunderstandings on our server. Apperntly it was not relayed to the admins for them to understand the RULE 2 ONLY APPLIES TO TOWNY WORLDS.


YES, greifing and Raiding IS allowed on ANY PVP WORLD. PVP worlds are anarchy style worlds. you use factions to claim land, make allies or make enemies.


towny is used on main world, mars and moon only. These worlds are NON-PVP. and as long as you claim your land with towny, then theres no way anyone can greif you

unless they use the titan or the minions. which would be breaking rule 2. (only pertains to TOWNY owned land.)


again, i apologize for any confusion this may have lead to. Im meeting witth the head admin Monday to make sure he explains to all pmods and admins how pvp world works.


IF an admin trys to say something differently, please let me know personally and i will make sure the admin is aware of the rules. GREIFING IS ALLOWED IN PVP WORLDS.

This is a 2 rules only server.

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DONT PLAY ON THIS SERVER! I was minding my own buisness when a freaking mod teleported two other players into my base! this happened today and it is either the mods and admins are abusers or mr_cheech and some other players are hackers, and how can you not tell if there is a hacker on your own server? This server is crap! also I did NOT accept a teleport request from anyone BUT gatlet meaning that they teleported by other means, also if you stupid mod or admins are here this is InsanityPie8921 following through with my promise to warn everyone of your abuse!also im not posting this just here but EVERYWHERE that can be warned... to put it bluntly either you get some new staff, kick the hackers, or get rid of the server because lets be honest, who wants to play with hackers OR abusers? it was simple to just give me my stuff and I would of let it go if it didn't happen again, but you played dumb. I am normally pretty forgiving but I will NOT let anyone go through that crap if I can stop it! I was only on the pvp world because the towny plugin was not working on the main world! I only had a little under a 12 block radius for the town when it was made on the main world, how is that playable?! couldn't even get wood!


it has come to my attention that mr_cheech and lonelygamer are saying that I can't complain due to the land not being claimed... I reply with FIX YOUR FREAKING PLUGINS! I did TRY to claim the land and you know what I got? this EXACT message! "you do not have permission to use this command" so another point to your failure of a server. the PLUGINS don't even work right! from what I can gather you are noobs at running a server if you can't even get THAT right. word of advice? give up trying to get it popular because with all these points stacked against you... the verdict is NO ONE will want to play! congradulations on this FANTASTIC server! *sarcasm* I hope either you listen to reason and either fix ALL the problems or give up altogether before some one else has to suffer this crap

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Insanity Pie, as I told you when the event happened, either Gatlet tpaed them or they found your base and tpaed eachother too it. As you were in pvp world I could not make them return your stuff, that is the risk you take with living in pvp. No one on this server is a hacker else the antihack plugin would have detected them, also none of my admins are abusing their powers, they have strict rules to follow to prevent any abuse. The pvp or pve worlds can be used for resource gathering, main is only designed for making your base in complete safety, not for chopping trees. Me and the other admins have a lot of experience running servers and our plugins are working perfectly, the problems must be at your end. Also your point about no one wanting to play is not valid as we almost always have at least 4 players on and around 20 at peak times.

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yes. you can use them on any world. includeing the main towny worlds. as long as you don't use them to greif someones town. there on a warn list.

if you use them to greif someones town, and they report it. you will be jailed. other than that. you can use em however you want


same goes with minions.

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Hi Insanity,


im sorry you had a bad experience on our server. this is a controlled anarchy server. If they killed you, its cause as reg said. you were in a pvp world

ill look thru chat and confirm. but it sounds like what reg said would be correct. someone tpa'd them. possibly one of your faction members. Its happened to me before too on faction/radiing servers. you can move to the main world if you don't want to pvp, or go to the moon or mars. or go to another server.


Our servers not for everyone. Its still in alpha and will be in alpha for aleast another 2 months. Our 2 rules only server style is not for everyone.

Good luck on whatever server you decide to join. make sure you join a PVE or NON-PVP server next time

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Just a quick update to inform you of what has been going on with the server


1) The nether, end, pvp and pve portals are now set up so you can go to those worlds via portals. (word of warning PVE will reset often, use main for your house)


2) We have a new spawn, you will now spawn in a room with warp signs and an (unfinished) help room.


Our next objective is to get the help room set up and make a portal to the tropics.

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Hey hodger,


sorry, it was temp white listed why im made some nesscary world folder changes.

these changes were done to stop future greif issues on towns, and to allow nether portals to be made in the pvp world.


due to this issues, I had to whitelist server.

there is also a new TEMP RULE #3 in place until march 14th. make sure you understand that rule. check our website to see the post on the news.


www.hooptiesworld.enjin.com I always let anyone know if I have to do anything major, there first.


going forward, there shouldn't be anymore major changes like that. Im hoping in another month to take it out of alpha testing and officially open it up. as ready to play

thanks for all your help on the server hodge1. let us know if theres any issues you find.

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based on player feedback, we re-configured ores so they spawn  alittle better but don't damge an economy feel.

redstone is generating like crazy at the bottom of the maps. so we have lowed it down slightly so it has value in the economy.


we moved the world folders around so that the nether portal will now only activate in the pvp world.

this will prevent any possible greif (accidental or on purpose) of towns on the main world.

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IGN: sangrei

why you like our server : I like this server because  we keep the server vanila if there are any issues we almost fix it right there and we have great staff (including me)

how can we make your experience better? : I can make this server better because I stay active on community almost always when I can and I get in touch with the owner of the consule when he can msg me so please come join the server!

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