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HORIZONCITY- BTEAM - Is now offically closed.

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IGN:  Nachtflame

Why you like our server :  Fun community, and an admin staff that listens to suggestions from the players on plugins, and configs. 

how can we make your experience better? :   Perhaps get some kind of guide for players that are completely new to bukkit plugins, even if it's a list of the plugins used and links to their pages for information about what commands are available and what kind of things to expect with the plugins.  

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I come back to see if you gave me an awnser to what happened and AGAAIN all I got is an excuse and STILL no name for your mystirous anti-hack plugin... also before you get the I am always right attitude you just did let me further clarify for you EXACTLY what happened! did you know I did make a town on the PVE server? it was called Insania, and I was NOT able to start minig straight away meaning you are a freaking liar! I kept getting the message "you are not allow to break blocks in this are" UNTIL I made the town... that had only a 12 block radius to make changes in! HOW is THAT playable?! THAT is the ONE and ONLY reason I was ON PVP, because your freaking towny and perrmissions were screwed up! I have only ran one server before and even I could tell it was a perrmission glitch but nooo you decided to ignore me when I tried asking for help into chat! ON PVE! the event you are refering to was AFTER I GOT FED UP WITH BEING IGNORED ON PVE! oh and to the other guy asking for me to tell the time this all went down I have one thing to say... VERY unproffesional, its YOUR job to log and track things on the server but yet you ask me, the player to list it when I was SUPPOSE to be more concerned about having fun! all in all reg proved my point about you so called "good" staff and it is because of that I won't checck back here, you will never give straight anwsers and will ALWAYS dodge the issues... and you so called "great" staff members are rude when called out on a factual basis, I am judging based on reg_huffingtons superiour better then you attitude in the quoted text so I honestly can't judge ALL of your staff but this is pretty big evidence right here of not only dodging the question but being a douche about it... oh you know gatlet? my little brother who just wanted to play on a server with his older bro is now REFUSING to lay on ANY server thanks to you guys... I can honestly say I have never felt hatred for anything in my life, until now and destroing my baby bros first time on a modded server pretty much is what put me on the war path. I have memory problems so please bear with me while I try to quote 2 gamer tags I didn't even get a good look at! I know mr_cheech was one of them and can't remember the other, oh and you know the player lovedove or some name like that? if you had such a good staff then WHY when he killed gatlet and gatlet used /back did YOUR staff say he wasn't allowed to BUT that is EXACTLY what the 2 that screwed with me did! you are a bunch of hipocrites and I want no further part of it, as stated earlier I won't be checking back for a LONG time so continue your delusion and ill return to living my life without your insistent "innocence" oh you know what the best part is? I KNOW it wasn't a potion of invisiblity or that anyone found me because I had particle all the way up and my base was in an abandoned mineshaft FAR away from ANYONE.... try to justifie THAT



  Perhaps I can help you understand the Towny Problem you seemed to have had. The towny mod lets you Claim plots, to expand your town beyond the initial plot ( which is 16x16 blocks not 12) you have to go to an adjacent area and type "/t claim".


   I'm assumeing you've never been the mayor of a town before since Every Towny Server does this, the only difference is the plot Sizes vary from one server to the next. But the commands are all usually the same. Now the "towny" world isnt meant to Gather resouces but mearly for base building and a safe area to store your items. there is a Resource world with no protections at all, letting you and everyone else gather what ever they want so that they can tp back to their town with "/t spawn" (which is in the 1st plot you claim by default).


 As far as you getting raided goes, there isnt much the admin's / mods can do for you since you Were in the PVP world, where Raiding is what you do there, you were in the pvp world, as for how they found you, not a clue. Perhaps they used a Xray resource pack/glitch, or You were unlucky and one of them stumbled on your base while they where  mining and tp'd thier freind to them. also if they where Morphed at the time you wouldnt see Any names till after they killed you / remorphed into themselves.



  If you want to try again i'd be willing to invite you and your Brother into my town, I've ran a few before on several servers, Usually just me a a few friends, or you could mail me any Questions you have about towny commands to me ingame with "/ mail send cilaren [message].



   What this seems to be is simply a lack of knowledge of towny commands on your part as well as a lack of helpfullness of the people that where on at that time when you were asking about the towny commands, or perhaps they didn't understand  your question, Depending on How is was Phrased, it might have just confused people abit. Or they were thinking someone else would help you and that they didn't need too.


  The real problem that I see here isnt that you got raided, but that no one was able to respond to your Towny Questions in a timely manner, the Question might have been lost in the general chatter, or perhaps no one that was on at that time had enough knowledge about towny commands and permissions.



   Hopefully this will resolve your question. Although loseing all your stuff is a bad experience, Trust me ive lost every thing a few time myself.  It is not the end of the world or the game, it just means you have to Re-gather / Re-craft Everything you had. which is usually easier the 2nd time around. Hopefully your brother will try modded minecraft on a server again, and will have a better experience with it, since it really is more fun when you have people to share it with.


 Hopefully you will change your mind about never playing on this server again, since this server is fairly good, and better than alot of Other servers ive tried out before, Both modded and Un-modded.

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Insanity Pie, you probably won't read this but I would simply like to clear a few matters up


Firstly we asked you for the time it happened so we could look it up in chatlogs, however as you didn't give that I did not wish to spend hours wading through 5 million words of chat just to find who killed you in pvp. I also have no idea what our anti hack plugin is called due to me only running the front end of the server, hoop is in charge of the back end. All I know is that we have some sort of antihack plugin which reports hackers to me. If you think that is some sort of "I'm better than you" attitude then you are mistaken, that is a formal, matter of fact way of writing intended to get the point across clearly and concisely. Cilaren's explanation of what you were doing wrong with towny is completely correct, you need to claim land to build there, if you didn't want to play on pvp then why didn't you go to the pve world and start mining. You are given a 1 week notice before the pve world resets and you can ask any of the admins to copy it into a safe world.


It is not my fault your brother is refusing to play on any server, if you didn't want to be attacked then you could have built your base in pve or claimed land in city world. I believe that the attacker was either invisible or disguised as a mob using morph, certain methods of invisibility in the modpack don't produce particles so they're very hard to spot. I have not seen any rudeness caused by my staff and would like to see some evidence. All in all you should not have built your base in pvp unless you want to do pvp, you could have built in city (seeing as you know so much about towny, that you can spot "permission errors") or just built in pve, the other option is to protect your land in pvp with factions.

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Hey natch,


yea, we really need to hammer down on the ingame help system. you can do /help already to understand the plugins you can use. I need to make a book to add with the kits to explain basic setups in game. Hopefully, either Reg or I will be able to do that this month. thanks for reminding us :)


hey Madwolf, what do you mean, white listed? the server is a public server.Where did you hear that? sometimes (very...very rarely) I have to white list the server while we run tests on new configurations or plugins we were testing. but that is extremely rare. thanks for the vote of confidence. im trying hard to make sure it dosnt lag. yet at the same time, not remove any thing from the modpak unless it bypasses all protections.


so far, based on other servers me and some friends have reviewed for bteam, were the only true free to play server. we were not banning items and making them donor only. (unlike serveral other servers .....) I was on a server that banned the galaticcraft rocket unless you donoate 10.00 bucks. ? and the TIER 2 was banned as well unless you donoate another 10.00 bucks...?

really!? sooo the galatic craft mod is banned from anyplayer unless they donoate. that sucked. the modpak was given to the community free, and servers are banning items unless you pay.

I get really pissed off about that. :/ Im ranting. sorry

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why does everyone feel the need to make there bteam server whitelisted? seems like so few are open for all to come enjoy :/


some small updates to our server today. we just added the Helper rank to our server setups. its a step below P-MOD. all you have to do is apply for helper rank on our website.

For helping other players to understand not only our server setup but also the modpak you'll get:



/kit helper (you can access once a week)

/horsecolor: (allows you to change your horses color)

/horsespeed: (allows you to setyour hosrses running speed)


no on ever uses horses on our server since we got dragons :) or the /fly ability from the modpak. but this does make horses a little funner to play with.


This is the last week to enjoy our featured map : Vertoak City. as of Saturday night, it will be changed to a new Featured Map. Get on saturay to be the first explore in our new featured world.

Super_Saintz has some fun games planed for that world win it opens.


hope to see you on. if you have any questions or feedback feel free to leave them. we grow and evolve based on the communities feedback

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We just started a fun new game on our server called Conquer.


its a great game for those that love Factions play.


you'll keep you inv. on death in the new conquer world.  The game is still in beta testing mode. so I would love to hear your feedback!

it'll will be a month long game. with a new game starting every month :)

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Towny is now officaly are ultimate protection tool and the server. You cant beat it! and if you do, you would be breaking RULE 2 which gets you jailed.


with that said, the /t new {name} command (ability to create atown) is now a donor only perk. or a voter only perk.


you can either donate to support the server and the mod makers (a portion of any income after expense will go to mod/plugin makers)

or you can vote to help us get advertisement for the server and unlock this command as well.


Or, you can always just use factions and enjoy the fear of being raided. ;)

we are an controlled anarchy server after all.....

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due to all the corrupted chunks on the [city] world once you go past 2000 blocks,


were going to slowly be migrating over to a new (hopefully permanent) city home for towns.

this process will take between 3-6 months. If you need help with moving any builds, please contact one of our admins thru our website after you claim land in [city2] so we can cut and paste your builds in the new world.


the server as been running smooth overall, just the occasional minor crash.(ushally 1 every 2 days) were working on more arenas and spleef arenas to have fun on,


hope to see you online

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things are really coming aong on our bteam server!


were slowly moving all player builds to the new city2 map. (our permanent home)

we plan to hopefully have some fun next week in our atlantis map. The forums are also getting an update this Monday which should bring the community closer together.


looking forward to getting to meet each of you, either on our community website or in the servers.

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DONT PLAY ON THIS SERVER! I was minding my own buisness when a freaking mod teleported two other players into my base! this happened today and it is either the mods and admins are abusers or mr_cheech and some other players are hackers, and how can you not tell if there is a hacker on your own server? This server is crap! also I did NOT accept a teleport request from anyone BUT gatlet meaning that they teleported by other means, also if you stupid mod or admins are here this is InsanityPie8921 following through with my promise to warn everyone of your abuse!also im not posting this just here but EVERYWHERE that can be warned... to put it bluntly either you get some new staff, kick the hackers, or get rid of the server because lets be honest, who wants to play with hackers OR abusers? it was simple to just give me my stuff and I would of let it go if it didn't happen again, but you played dumb. I am normally pretty forgiving but I will NOT let anyone go through that crap if I can stop it! I was only on the pvp world because the towny plugin was not working on the main world! I only had a little under a 12 block radius for the town when it was made on the main world, how is that playable?! couldn't even get wood!


it has come to my attention that mr_cheech and lonelygamer are saying that I can't complain due to the land not being claimed... I reply with FIX YOUR FREAKING PLUGINS! I did TRY to claim the land and you know what I got? this EXACT message! "you do not have permission to use this command" so another point to your failure of a server. the PLUGINS don't even work right! from what I can gather you are noobs at running a server if you can't even get THAT right. word of advice? give up trying to get it popular because with all these points stacked against you... the verdict is NO ONE will want to play! congradulations on this FANTASTIC server! *sarcasm* I hope either you listen to reason and either fix ALL the problems or give up altogether before some one else has to suffer this crap

One thing (Even though this is kind of late) that I'm surprised about is you not thinking through everything your talking about. 1; You could have gone to towny but you went to PvP. PvP Is Mainly about raiding and stealing, just because the server is in alpha doesn't mean everyone gets special treatment and everyone is happy. Two; you got raided, big deal. Rebuild and keep playing... this server is meant for challenges and if you can't take a challenge then go play with rapid ores and go crazy with diamonds. Last off the reason why you cant build unless you claim is cause if anyone could walts up to the border of your town and build a tnt cannon then thats dangerous. They are trying to make the server a safer place in towny world. This server is mainly for people who like dangerous, and people who like safety, or people who like both. So next time think it through.



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Neg makes pretty much hit the nail on the head with the city world.(towny world)


namely, it cuts back on greif issues which helps to make the city a better looking place since its supposed to be our permamnent world. anyway.


were in the process of updating to 1.0.10b

The server will be Whitelisted until about midnight tonight. (april22,2014) while we run tests and update towny,pex and a few other plugins to work with the new updates.

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hey everyone,


the server is now public again. Keep in mind, biblio craft and other blocks added with this update have not been added to towny protections yet. so make sure not to put those new blocks anywhere public

ill be adding the item ids in tonight for towny to protect them.

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by the way..the player up there.... Insanity pie. was trying to use the /t claim command in the PvP worlds.

he failed to use the /f create or /f claim command. factions is for PvP. Towny is for City,moon and mars.


all other worlds or either PvP or Unclaimable PvE worlds


instantiy is a noob player. :/

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Come join our community at www.hooptiesworld.enjin.com


were currently working on rolling out a custom mod pack that will replace our hexxit server in august. Come be apart of decideing what will go into it. you get to shape the new mod pack.


our bteam server had a small hiccup a few days ago due to storage capacity lmite being reached.  i was able to take care of that. so everything is back to normal

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Its been a fun run.

but its time to close it down. Im encourageing all our community and publicly endorseing NEAMALANDS server as our go to BTEAM server of choice.

they really are a great server to hang out on!


Our website is know officially changing as well to become a player review site for MC servers. (no voteing to get to the top.) any server listed on our listings.. will be tested, played and approved servers..

that you can 200000% gurantee will be worth your time to hang out on.


If you have a server and want to be considerd for our list. simply message me at hooptiesworld.enjin.com and i'll schedule someone from our growing team of testers and reviewers to come check you out.

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