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X-Ray for Tekkit 1.1.10


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why not just make a quarry and 4 landmarks and let it run till it hits bedrock? You'll get loads of everything that way. Be aware a full size quarry does take up to 10mins to complete one layer (64 by 64), especially if not given the full power it needs. If you are only needing gold, diamonds, etc. and not wanting to muck up your world with quarry holes everywhere on the surface you can place one around level 30ish or so and get the good stuff easier. It is a bit harder this way to set up a large one though. 


You will get loads of cobble, sand, gravel and such, so be ready to void pipe, DSU, or trashcan those. Cheers, hope this helps.

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we use the quarry plus mod, you get a 256x256 quarry and you can enchant them with things like efficiency and fortune, huge strip mining and fast


not sure quarry plus was in the older tekkit was it?


In minecraft 1.5.2, on Tekkit version 1.1.10 is there a way to get X-Ray mod? I would like to get it because I am going "broke" and strip mining isnt doing it for me.



he is still on MC1.5.2 version

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not in the newer tekkit either. I was just telling him what we do. we have quite a few extra mods on our server to compensate for the limitations of the default tekkit. I try to offer a wider range of options to people. why fight with a square wheel when you can get a round one somewhere else

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