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How to set a logitsticks pipe network to throw cobble into lava or somthing


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I'm asking how to get my logistics pipes to send it to a void pipe (or lava), i cant seem to get them to.


if you have the newer beta tekkit, you can use the Thermal Expansion itemducts and route into a trashcan. 


Setup like so, place quarry with a regular chest on top, route items ducts out about 6 pieces long. Place the trashcan down about halfway and a large chest on the end. I use a gold chest there. Then, make and apply 2 pneumatic servos, one on the itemduct connection on the regular chest, and one on the trashcan. Set the connection on the regular chest to output with a wrench, then set redstone signal to disable. Set the connection on the trashcan to whitelist only certain items, so only the trash you don't want goes in. I add dirt, sand, cobble, sandstone, raw squid if I'm over water, gravel, salt peter, and whatever else. Keep in mind this method only lets you trash nine types of items so if you want to trash more, add another trashcan and pnuematic servo. This method uses ore dictionary also so it will trash all types of stone also, which is handy with all the types. 


Using this method I had a 64x64 quarry running and only had issues with it filling when it got close to the bottom and hit a bunch of lava. It stared filling the chest with Obsidian too quickly. 

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