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  1. Who should play tekkit? Who should play tppi?
  2. What playstyle is tekkit for? What playstyle is test pack for?
  3. It fixed that error but now i get this sigh. http://pastebin.com/jDnkUP5b It said somthing about mechinism generators needed mechinism, which doesn't make sence because i have all three mechinism packages. Heres a link to my server folder if that helps https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fyol8bqc5bjlp3p/AABZRmhzXi3ra3B0YAinTJjna
  4. Trying to fix ma server... If anyone wants to give me a hand here's the crash http://pastebin.com/86ExhY3x

    1. Kalbintion


      Java is outdated for one, secondly, issue is with scala. Make sure you installed the server correctly and are running the correct file (launch.bat/launch.sh for most servers)

  5. It feels like notch rode of the popularity big servers like mineplex and hypixel brought him, then shut them down so he could sell his own brand of minigame services aka realms.
  6. Heres my modpack:http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/clones-server-pack.381972 Heres my crash: http://pastebin.com/86ExhY3x Please help! On my server i removed nei, inventory tweaks, and mapwriter.
  7. Here's a link to my pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/clones-server-pack.381972 Here's a link to my crash: http://pastebin.com/86ExhY3x Please help!
  8. Just installed the update for b-team but now when i hit play it opens mc and then closes it, anyone got a fix?
  9. No, but 3ds letts you export your charicter to use as a avitar
  10. ... wow.... After researching and reading this post i'm surprised... Have bc and te really separated? I feel like tekkit is falling apart..... At first everything connected to each other and it felt like one game. But now with 2 types of energy and 3 copper ores it doesn't feel the same anymore.... And do i need to make a TE and BC power setup? or can quarrys work on RF I can totaly see TE making it a option to use their mod separatly, But can't they stay compatible with BC?
  11. So, i've started a new world for the update. I just made a simple setup (some sterling engines connected to wood conductive pipes connected to basic machines) But the cobble conductive pipes wont connect too the machines. WHats up?
  12. I've started diging into MFR but i don't have a ton of bonemeal. How do you guys get yours? EDIT: Just saw that you can make it from sewer.... I'm a idiot...
  13. I'm asking how to get my logistics pipes to send it to a void pipe (or lava), i cant seem to get them to.
  14. I'm trying to hook a quarry to my logistics network, i already have my ore procesing and chests hooked up. now i need a way to destroy the cobble. But i cant seem to get the basic pipes to route items into a void pipe. Does anyone know a way to have it destroy the cobble?
  15. Could you post a tutorial on fission breeder reactor?
  16. Are you using a server host? If so which? Also, if you are using a host how did you set it to use the pack?
  17. Do you move your gear with you setting up temporary bases on the go? Do you live in a castle filling it with loot? Do you design and expand your own base? I want to see how people play.
  18. I'm trying to make a good base for tekkit but it's hard to settle down since its geared for exporing. What do you guys do?
  19. I've beat like three dungions but the tresure chests just suck somthing random from my inv when i open them, they dont actually have anything inside Is there a way to fix this?
  20. This is my reactor setup: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By4qdMhIy8pAS2dEU19TamJxcEE/edit?usp=sharing I let it sit for a while, but the turbines don't turn. What's up?
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