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Tekkit 1.6.4 (Build v1.2.6) ID Mismatches


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Good evening,


I've decided to finally host a tekkit server after hosting various other modpacks. I have gotten the new recommended build configured and running, however no matter what I do, the world always has ID mismatches with the forge mod loader. I've tried deleting and generating new worlds, going into singleplayer to generate a world and transfer over etc etc.


As I am not familiar with the Tekkit modpack and it's mods would anyone be able to spare a little help?


The mismatches are:


ID 102 is mismatched between world and game.

ID 335 is mismatched between world and game.

ID 79 is mismatched between world and game.


Upon going into the single player game and looking at the ID numbers. Those seem to be connected to MineFactory Reloaded?


If so, what can I do to resolve this?


Thank you in advance for any help given.


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