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[Attack Of The B-Team] Vegetable-Based Inks! [No Whitelist] [Bukkit!][Top 10 on attackofthebteamservers.com]

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Hello, and welcome to our server!




There are two owners/admins, Klldarkness, and ShikaDeer. This isn’t our first garden (server), and we are definitely looking to grow. This is an attack of the b-team server, running the latest version, 1.0.10B! Come join our family! We'll be like two peas in a pod!


We're Bukkit compatible, running Grief Protections, Lockette, Essentials, among others!


Custom "Modded" mods by our own mod team for stability, and capatibility!


Over 1200+ members on our forums!


99% uptime, and exceptionally few crashes. Come play for an hour, and see why our players say we're the best AoTBT server!




IP: vegetablebasedinks.co


Website: http://vegetablebasedinks.net/

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We have a new contest going on!
Submit your logo design for our site! Whether it's an image or text arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner, as long as it's 108x89px then you have a chance at winning! There will be 3 winners, 3rd gets the Tomato rank, 2nd gets Broccoli, and 1st gets Eggplant! Contest ends Friday, March 7th so get your entries in!
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