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[1.2.5] (Only 3 Items Banned)General Gaming 24/7 Tekkit Classic Server


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General Gaming is a small Minecraft Tekkit community that was started by 2 guys who just wanted to have fun and promote our way of playing. The Server is on a dedicated server box that will take most of the heat of most servers. This server has 100 slots. DDOS protection is present. This server uses essential economy and Wiipay for a salary. This server features no pvp, we think this feature is not needed for a tekkit sever.The server uses Preciousstones to protect property. Item bans are present but are for the 2 Anchors and the Nova Catalyst. You cannot use the philosopher's stone but you can craft it. as other items require the object. This server has two admins which will be on as best as they can. The website will be online later of this week (june7-12th 2016). Enjoy our server. We hope you will love it!

Here is our list of plugins.It's a simple list but when we get more people we promise it will be bigger.

Essentials(Economy,Spawn,and Chat)


Ip: play.generalgaming.pw

Edit: Just in case that domain doesn't work try this.


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