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[UPDATED][1.0.12A]☢ Crystal BTeam ☢ ✔Survival Servers ✔Raiding Server ✔Hunger Games Server ✔Lag Free ✔Few Banned Items

Crystal BTeam Poll  

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  1. 1. Do you like our new chat system that combines all servers into one giant chat?

    • Yes, I love it!
    • It's okay, it really doesn't matter to me.
    • No, I do not like it. I find chat to be too spammy.

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Our Promise:

 Crystal BTeam makes a promise to all of it's players - to be the best BTeam server you have ever played on. We have custom plugins to allow for usage of items that are normally banned on other Attack of the BTeam servers. We are also constantly updating server features to assure you and your friends can have the most enjoyable experience. Crystal BTeam is here to stay, we are not going anywhere. Actually, we are one of the oldest & first Attack of the B-Team servers! Come join our lag-free server now and play with 50,000 + happy Members!


Raiding Server (PvP):

Crystal BTeam provides it's players with a Raid server. This is a server which allows raiding, stealing, lying, scamming, etc. Basically anything goes.. This is the original Crystal BTeam server and is packed with hundreds of unique features such as a custom player-market plugin. There are very few banned items, all mods except for Minions enabled.


Survival Server (PvE):

 Our Survival server is a grief-free environment where stealing, scamming, etc. are not allowed. You will be completely banned from both servers if you break any rule.. We take advantage of Towny which allows players to create towns where they can rent plots to their friends and other players. This also keeps us from resetting the map as it keeps people from messing up the map too much. :) On Survival, economy is a large part of the server, you may get money by voting or creating a market. In fact, you can get money by being online! This is our most popular server.




So what are you waiting for? Get your big gaming butt in our server!







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Just went to try out this server, I read all the signs at spawn then walked out of spawn, the little text showed up saying i was outside the protection zone and someone in diamond armor killed me causing me to lose all the starter items...so I respawned and tried again...this time someone else killed me...and a third try for good measure lead me to being killed by the first person to kill me..while using my morph to add insult to injury, Great server if you don't like fun. Cant say much about lag or anything of that sort as my experience in the server was 3 deaths and rage quit.

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Hey dude your server is screwed... You need a better spawn cause all you've got around it is a burned land biome and a frost forest. There are no trees. and its just one huge island. Any trees or wood you do see have been claimed. And everyone is just out there killing anybody they see with noob stuff.

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every time i try to log in to the server, the game just exits. i don't get any crash report or anything. can someone help with that?

We are currently resolving this issue.


Can someone help i cannot join it ses i dont have the right mods

You need to use "Attack of the B Team" in the Technic launcher. The Technic launcher can be downloaded here.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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