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Other methods of moving liquid


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So heres my problem.


I setup a quarry and then hit a huge underground oil lake.


So I can not mine deeper without moving the liquid, and this would apply to water and lava as well.


Is my ONLY option for getting the liquid out a buildcraft pump? with its stupidly slow descending pipe?


Am I missing something or is this ONE PUMP the only option we have for moving liquid from location A to location B besides buckets?

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Quarries go through water. Keep water in quarry to turn lava into cobble/obsidian. Oil is the only real problem. When I found oil I just moved the quarry >.<


Or I guess you could collect it for fuel for combustion engines or galacticraft.

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If you just want to remove the oil, you can also (temporarily?) add lava, which should turn the oil to cobblestone, iirc.


I think the ender-thermic pump might be an alternative as well, but I read somewhere that it is only enabled by default in the Nether, which can be changed in a config file. I did not test this myself.

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