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[1.3.13] APOC Big Dig | 12 Server Network / 50+ Plugins / Economy&Shops&Plots / 50 Slots / Dedicated 24/7/365 & 99% Uptime / Mini-Games / & MORE!


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Mc name: coolguy256789




looking for in this server: no lag even on windows xp


Have you played on APOC Gaming before? no


Would you be intrested in becoming a staff?yes if it's for free

Servers puiblic dude. Your free to join.

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Alright i wont lie this servers been kind of neglected lately, been busy with TPPI and Yogscast.

Anyways, changelog below:


  • Reset all worlds, server has a clean slate.
  • Fixed the items not allowing you to pick them up.
  • Fixed the problem with entities/items bouncing all over the place (item merge going nuts)
  • Fixed the problem with falling blocks not updating.
  • Fixed the problem with mobs not "activating" or noticing you.
  • Fixed the problem with thermal expansion conduits, itemducts, fluiducts not updating.
  • Fixed The End not being enabled and also threw in the APOC-End Reset plugin to reset the end when the dragon is killed.
  • Fixed overworlds unloading when no players are in them. Now it keeps the worlds loaded but unloads all chunks in it.
  • Greatly reduced the lag from loading new chunks on the server.
  • Server rejoins have a 30 second rejoin cooldown now.
  • Removed ruins mod, we got our own dungeon spawner plugin APOC-RPG for that.
  • Updated a few plugins.
  • Wiped all data for all plugins, databases, player data, etc. (Last reset like this was in JAN of 2014)


AS FAR AS I KNOW (correct me if im wrong) the server is completely fixed, no problems with mods, chunk loading/unloading, mobs, entities, or performance issues.

If you find anything wrong please file a support ticket at http://apocgaming.org/support before quitting. We know bugs and issues are annoying and frusterating but unless you guys tell us we dont know about it until you do.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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