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REI minimap not loading waypoints for mystcraft age


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Hi guys,


Just updated my week-old 1.2.6 server to 1.2.7b, and for the most part things seem to still be working.  I did notice though that when I visited the one mystcraft age we had set up already, the waypoints I had previously set up did not load.  I checked my client directory and I still had the file "<ip>.DIM90.points" containing the waypoints, but they weren't loading in.  I tried creating a new waypoint in game and it overwrote the file, but upon disconnecting and reconnecting the new waypoint was not loaded in game.


Waypoints for the overworld and nether still load without trouble, it seems to just be the mystcraft Age.


Anybody else having issues?  or know of a fix?

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IIRC, Rei's minimap is coded in a way that it doesn't support dimensions between -9 and +9 (or something around that). So editing the mystcraft age to have an ID between those values should support way points.


I haven't used mystcraft since tekkit lite, so not sure if this is still the case

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