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Liquid Manager (LM): An efficient Liquid Storage setup?


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There are a couple of good threads here that reference the use of Steves Carts2 Liquid Managers (LM). Does anyone have a really good setup using LM's? I'm looking to store a lot of Lava and its quite inefficient using the normal minecraft tank (8 Glass blocks, middle empty on a 9x9 crafting table).


If anyone has a great efficient setup and has pictures, that would be very helpful.


Plus if possible, a short description of how to use them as they have a fairly advanced user Interface (UI) and its difficult to work out how best to use them efficiently.


Thank you for any help guys,

Kind regards,


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Thermal Expansion's Portable Tanks are better than BuildCraft's liquid tanks.  They can be upgraded to hold up to 64 buckets (64,000 mB) of liquids, and can be picked up with a wrench and placed elsewhere.  Basic tank is crafted with 1 copper in the middle, 4 glass blocks on the sides and top and bottom.




The wiki is woefully out of date, I've fixed the page for the tank so it is more accurate.

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Portable Tanks are good, but not the end-all solution. Their strong point is their simplicity, ability to be carried around when full, and (of course) seamless integration with fluiducts.

I have not tried Liquid Managers yet, but I heard they are good for maximum density storage, only beaten by Railcraft Steel Tanks, which are not in Tekkit right now.


Maybe >this will help.

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