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Hello, I want to install Solder on my webhosting, I need to use that commands "php artisan migrate:install" and "php artisan migrate", but I don't have access to PHP console. Can I use some another way to install Solder?


Thanks in advance for replies :-)

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but you can upload files to your webserver...


so create a textfile with the following content:



php artisan migrate:install



not sure if this works, because this looks more like a command line for me and I'm not really in php (doing asp.net most of the times)

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ok, It took me a moment to google it, but as it looks to me, this is an addon for php.


This has to be installed on the machine and the commands you got are for the server administrator to run them in the command shell... (as I understand it)

so without accass to the command shell of your WebServer you are doomed... :/

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