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Do you even Mod? I wish I could :'(


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The first step is to understand basic Java syntax. If you can't read what


I'd recommend using Eclipse for first-timers, since it has nice code-completion and error highlighting, and Forge supports it right out of the box. If you're working with Minecraft 1.7, a decompiler will be immeasurably helpful in unlocking a whole game full of examples. I use JD-Eclipse but it is messy to install on Windows. You can also try JAD's Eclipse plugin.


Look at examples. Powercrystals Core and MFR are good, Mekanism is good, my mod Gizmos is OK-ish, CoFH Lib is useful. There are tons of open-source mods out there, try some.


Mess around with Minecraft. Check the Forge wiki for the basics of how to create a block from Forge, copy in a vanilla block, and make it your own with some interesting changes. That's how the first parts of Gizmos started out, with the gravity bomb: I combined code from sand and TNT.

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