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Possible to repair damaged Mechs? (Flans Mod)


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Hey all,


Does anyone have any idea if/how to repair a mech that is partially damaged?  I made an Alpha Titan and he is good except for his legs ("hips" actually) are down to 7% health and he is smoking like a mofo.  I have tried making new legs and using any other type of material I can think of but the repair menu/inventory menu doesn't seem to have any place put them.


Any ideas?  


And if the legs finally give out, will I get anything back from the rest of the mech?  Or will it just disappear (which has happened once already when I glitched inside it and couldn't get out then was attacked by mobs).


Thanks for your help!

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Hi stellarmc,


When the titan is damaged, you must right click it with the Blow Torch. it will consume part of the Blow Torch durability and the titan will be repaired.

I don't know what happens when the health of any part drops to zero, sorry.


Hope it helps you :)

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