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Can't Log On To My Server


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Today after not being on my B-Team server for maybe 2-3 days, I cannot join the server for some reason. When I hit "Join", it tries to load for about 3 seconds, then shows a list of missing ID's. Here's one of the 21: "ID 12016 from Mod betterstorage is missing". Most of the ID's are for betterstorage but there are a few for witchery. Then at the bottom it says "You cannot connect to this server". Btw I am running the latest recommended version as is the server.

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Try re installing your mod-pack.

If you are on PC then;

Press start>

Type run>Press Enter

Type in %Appdata%>Press Enter

Look for a folder called .technic>Open it

Look for a folder called modpacks>Open it

Look for attack-of-the-bteam> Delete it


After you are done open up the technic launcher again and download the mod-pack again.


Best regards



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