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Need Help About Launching Attack of the B Team


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So I've had this problem for a bit now. I open up Technic Launcher all fine, then I open up Attack of the B Team mod. All fine. Then, when I go to play on my single player world, it won't properly load. At first it says loading terrain, then it goes back to the main menu. After that, when I click on my world again, it does this.. Happens every time... http://gyazo.com/b8bd937b47ce071fa2df011228179b09 Suggestions would be really helpful.

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Oh, I had this with FTB.

Try allocating more RAM to AotBT by using the gear button in the top right of the application.

If not, your pc might not be able to handle it, but I doubt that.

The problem seems to be that your application can't handle that amount of pressure, it could be worth a shot using Java Arguments if possible.

I'm not tech expert, but I'd like to help more.

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