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THE COLD WAR 1941-1991

DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6dwq530148s4xo/THE%20COLD%20WAR%20v2.0.4.zip

Created By: KuphJr

Version: Voltz 2.0.4


The two world superpowers, the USSR and the USA, will partake in the war to end all wars in Voltz!  Host this server with you and your friends, pick teams of up to four and battle for the title of World's Greatest Superpower.


Fight the Cold War against your friends on a Voltz Server!  Pick up to a team of 4 players to join you as either the USA or the USSR and battle until the death!  You can decide whether to see which team has more deaths after a certain time or play until one team reaches a certain number of deaths.


Players spawn in a room where they can pick a team and start the game.  The map consists of a plains biome and a snow biome separated by 380 blocks of ocean. PvP is turned off and each team has a radius of 192 blocks around their spawn where only they can build.  Teams will have to use missiles or other Voltz weapons to kill the opponent. Command blocks are used to make a scoreboard showing how many deaths and which team players are on.  Opponents can agree to either play until a certain amount of team deaths or see whoever has the fewest deaths after a certain amount of time.


-Use only the vanilla Voltz client.


Use invisibility potions to spy on the enemy and plan where to fire missiles, but when you are in enemy territory always carry a suicide potion so if you are captured you can kill yourself and respawn.


Download the and unzip the server folder.  Open the unzipped folder and double click either the "launch.bat" file if you are running Windows or the "launch.sh" file if you are running Mac or Linux.  Make sure you have Voltz 2.0.4 installed in your Technic Launcher.  Add a server with the IP of "localhost" and tell your friends to do the same if you are on the same LAN.

For information on how to port forward to play with people not on your LAN, there are many Youtube videos discussing how to port forward a Minecraft server.  Port forwarding for Voltz and vanilla Minecraft is the same.




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