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LifeRealms Magi-Tech Modpack (1.6.4) (open to suggestions)


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Hey Guys If you have Posted on this forum thread before (Modpack mod ideas (magic)) You know that I was asking for suggestions on mods that were magically based. Well I decided to switch gears and add some variety in there. My reason for this is thanks to the most recently released modpack, Attack of the B-Team. I realised how well the Witchery Mod worked with some of the other tech mods (A great example of someone who did just that is chimneyswift11 look him up on youtube.) Anyway I wanted to add various tech mods in the modpack to make things more efficient and organized. (If you ever played magic world 2 or vanilla minecraft for that matter, you'll know what I'm talking about.) So if you have any suggestions about the modpack please say so. Also, if you think you would like to help out send me a message. :)

Edit: I seem to be having problems with finding a good host...

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- More hostile mobs (Dungeon Mobs, etc) could add some interest

- Status HUD and Armor HUD might be useful

- If you're going for adventure rather than just straight magic, Floating Ruins, More Dungeons, etc, would add to exploration

- There are several addons for TC4, besides the ones you've listed, that you could add.

- I'd definitely make sure a good map mod is in there.


Also, I moved the post to a more appropriate spot.  When you actually make a mod pack, just add a link to the Platform page in your OP.

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