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[CC] PCs shutting down on empty Server


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All my PCs are automaticly shutting down when there's no one on the server... 

Because of that i have to restart all my programs everytime in get onto it except someone else was playing all the time. 

How do i prevent them from just turning of when the server is empty ?




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Check the power saving settings of your computer. That might be set to hibernate or shut it down when idle for a period of time. What OS?


Its a root Server, Windows :)


Its not the server shutting down. My Computers and Turtles are shutting down. 

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If you want the computers/turtles to remain active yes.


Someone may have placed a dimensional anchor or a chunk loader with out your knowledge, or you used an auto run program. Either way ComputerCraft has never had a chunk loader in their mod and require active chunks in memory to work.

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