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Looking for players to help me start a survival server [whitelist] 6 players

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Ign: percentbirch5

Age: 13

Skype: percentbirch5

Why me? Good question, I love little white listed servers where you can create a small community with shops an stuff. This is a perfect server. Small population. No creative and stuff like that, right? If so I'm perfect for this server! I love it!

Ps: if I make it email me at [email protected]. If I don't email me still so I know.

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IGN:  nyny2121

AGE:  14

SKYPE:  axmurdererneo

WHY YOU ?:  I know all the mods. I'm looking for a new group of friends to play with. I have a teamspeak I can bring us into, if we need somewhere to talk. I'm good at cooperation if you're willing too. I absolutely love to organize systems and make them more efficient and automatic, thus making our lives easier. I can follow orders if you need me to do something for you. I can make a system for us all to benefit from.


I love playing minecraft with mods. I really need a group of friends to play with, and if you can gather a decent amount of active players, I'd love to. I'm active about every day (in my time zone, at least), so you shouldn't have to worry about me. Look into making sure other players are active instead of blindly whitelisting them in hopes to have an active group of players.



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IGN: pgskater

AGE: 14

SKYPE: visualzerohd

WHY YOU?: I would like to join this server because I am quite the builder as I am part of a professional build team called Cephyr. I could help with community builds such as spawn town and such. I also want to create friends and have fun together on this awesome modpack.

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IGN: B3rs3rkPlay3r

AGE: i am 14, but i hope that does not make a difference when i apply.

SKYPE: natedog1600

WHY YOU ?: I love minecraft and i have been looking for a good place to play on a small multiplayer server that is a lot of fun and a good place to start up a youtube channel.  I hope this is good enough for the application and i will extremely appreciate it if im able to join. THANX!!



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ING = BlaikeSoulReaper

Age:12 Soon 13

Skype - Bangsy998 

Why You? = Hi Im bangsy And i wanna Play On a WhiteListed Server Becuase I Like People That doesnt Greif Your Land And Doesnt Steals From You

And I would Like To Play There Because The Other Whitelisted server I was On Ended Sadly And I would Like A server that is Decent and Normal Thank You Hope I Get Whitelisted 

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Age: 14


Why You? Well I myself would like to join a server thats nice to play on and no griefing as its become boring on singleplayer.I would like to experience talking to other and making Friendships. Thank you for a least Considering me thank you.

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hello my name is kevin my minecraft name is kevinjensen2001 my skype is kevin.jensen10 and im 13 years old i has played minecraft in 7 and i love this mod pack and every server i found is stupid and grifers on so me and my friend niklas0525 will be very happy to play on your server my frinds skype name i dont know but his name is niklas and his minecraft name  is niklas0525

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IGN: Attackfish007

Age 15 almost 16

Skype: therandomrooster

why me: well, i am mature, i am easy to get along with, i play fun pranks (5 min clean up tops), i am pretty funny.

i quite a bit of experience on this mod pack, i have much to learn, which i hope i can learn from this server, and in turn teach others what i know.


i hope to make the server a better experience, please choose me!

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