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Logistics pipes question


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So, recently, I started playing around with Logistics pipes. I'm completely new to this mod and I still don't know all there is to know. However, with what I managed to achieve, I must say LP > AE :P The sight of all those items zooming around in complicated piping systems is just beautiful (and I have yet to start doing autocrafting :D:P Something I'll never be able to see with Applied Energistics system.


That being said, I have one issue I can't seem to solve. I have an ingots chest where I also store my Yellorite. I would now want to automatically send that Yelorite to my reactor, whenever there's room for some. Is it even possible with LP alone? I tried putting provider module in chassis connected to the chest and then the passive supplier connected to the reactor, but it doesn't send ingots from the chest and putting extractor module next to the chest just pulls out every ingot there is and if there's no longer room in the reactor, they just go to my "default" chest :/ Any help?

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try to use the normal supplier pipe and configure it to keep a stack inside your reactor port...


personally I like the combination of AE and LP I mainly use AE as a storage solution e.g. hookung up an array of deepStorageUnits using storageBuses

you can also hook up a provider pipe directly to your me-network, it'll see anything that's in your network then ;)

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I love both. Logistics pipes is useful for those places I don't want to stick another import bus, when I just want to keep one stack in an inventory, as opposed to filling it all the way up (since export bus don't have an option like that). Also, AE + LP remote orderer = all your items, anywhere at anytime :D

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