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Good ol End of Stream Issue?


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So I've had a Tekkit server up for close to a month.  Started with 1.2.6 and gradually upgraded to 1.2.8d.  Everything had been running well, then last night I got a couple of lag spikes and then my client said that my connection timed out.  The server cmd screen showed that End of Stream had been reached for my IP address.  Now when I attempt to log in different computers, accounts and networks, but the server cmd screen just keeps giving that same error and the client simply says that the connection has timed out. Once the error message has appeared in the cmd window the server becomes non-responsive and I can't shut it down with the stop command.  I have to X out and restart it.


I've tried setting up a new server with the same world folder and still have the issue.  I then tried uninstalling and re-installing the  tekkit client and then moved on to the other pc's and accounts.


Can anyone point me in a direction?  I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to looking at the logs.  I've got no idea what I'm looking for or which one to look at.


I did some searching, but other posts were either focused on the client giving the end of stream message of the server was getting it and it wasn't effecting game play.

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I'm having a similar or same problem on the server I play on. The admin and I are trying to figure out what's going on. It's a bit difficult since there's no error messages in the logs.

Basically the server is only up for about five minutes before it hangs, stops communicating with anyone, and stops responding to pings and commands.

Highly frustrating.

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Check to see who's using pipes. Kill all the pipes. See if you still have the problem. 1.2.8d has a very bad memory leak problem with Project Red and pipes. (Ducts are fine.)


OK, I think the pipe user was me.  Since I can't log in, how does one turn off the pipes?  Is it just a matter of removing the mod from a folder?

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You can remove the specific mod and explore the chunks containing pipes, or you can use NBTEdit to remove the offending entities. It's a lot harder to do if the pipes aren't actually causing fatal crashes.

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