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[1.6.4][Buttneck's Tiny MoonquestServer][PVE][6 slots][Moonquest]

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I am using the a modpack similar to what the Yogscast uses in their Moonquest series. It is recommended that you have (and allocate) 4gB of RAM to run this pack. Thanks to joshmoni for compiling the pack. It's super fun. Here is a link to the page:




This is a small, whitelisted server paid for by me to have fun and explore the pack. It is generally up 24/7. The IP address is:




Some rules to consider before you message me to get whitelisted:


1. I am not big on PvP. This server is mainly for building stuff and sharing ideas for builds.


2. It is small (only 6 slots) so there isn't always someone online, but I am usually online if I am not asleep or working. This could change depending on how many people are interested.


3. DO NOT PESTER ME TO SPAWN STUFF IN, OP YOU, CHANGE THE MODPACK, INSTALL PLUGINS, etc. I Won't do it. Pestering me about this stuff tells me you either aren't satisfied with the server I pay for, or you want a bunch of stuff without putting in any effort. Plus it is super annoying. This is about playing Minecraft and building stuff. If you want to show off or blow stuff up, go someplace else.


4. I am old....real old. As such, I am looking for relatively mature players. I don't care about swearing or anything like that. 18+ very much preferred. I will boot if you act like a jerk. I have been called a benevolent dictator, which suits me fine.


5. Build whatever you want, as long as it doesn't interfere with other peoples' good time. We play games for fun, after all.


6. Obviously, no stealing, griefing etc.


7. In order to apply, please message me on this site and tell me a bit about yourself. Your MC username, Skype name, age, and how you like to play. Convince me you want to play nice, and I will be happy to whitelist you.


These rules may make me seem like a hardass, and they are meant to. Just don't be a jerk, because I can be a much bigger jerk when my patience is tried.


A short description of the server:


I have run this server for about a year and a half now. I have played pretty much all of the Technic Pack modpacks on it, and have seen quite few people come and go.  I have been wanting to run this modpack for quite a while, but the RAM requirements (again, 4 gigs are needed by Java for this) means some slots have opened up.


The modpack itself includes IC2, Thermal Expansion, Portal Guns, Galacticraft, Tinker's Construct, Thaumcraft, Archimedes' Ship Mod, and much more. (I only just started playing it, so even I am not sure what all is in there.)


The rules thread recommended posting some pictures, but I only recently made the world, so I only have my humble abode to show you:






and me:




Please message me if you are interested. Thanks,



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