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Archimede's Ships and Microblocks/Carpenter's Blocks don't mix!


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Just a warning to other users, I'm not sure which of the 2 Archimede's doesn't like but it will crash your game. I just finished making my biplane and went to use the Helm then bam it crashed instantly. Kinda disappointed because I love the look of my plane :(

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Both - microblocks will usually be destroyed on compile (but they are used for the 'touching' check so when they disappear you'll end up with a ship with holes in), carpenters causes the crash.  Both contain metadata that archimedes ships can't take out of the world and store properly, microblocks may be possible to fixed by someone but I doubt carpenters ever will be.

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Don't worry about not looking like you're on the helm - I've seen it where a player was able to walk around for a couple seconds away from the ship before it crashed and they were still actually attached to the ship, mashing left-shift teleported them back to the helm and disconnected them.


If you've tried that a few times and given up on it though, you'll just have to contact the server owner and get them to remove the entity.

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hi guys,


I have had the same problem but just without carpenters blocks.


I was playing a world with my friend and we were exploring new chunks, i was in a archimedes ship and he was morphed as a ghast.


when we left the world, the next time we joined again and again he would join, open to lan and then when i joined the whole thing would crash again.


please help he is really angry at me for ruining his world thanks FERNOVEN


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