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Suggested server tweeks


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Personally, I don't recommend any changes to the configs, the defaults are designed for a reason and honestly it works as-is as long as you know about current quirks and issues. The main thing I've noticed that servers do however is disable the crayfish oven from being allowed due to the potential crashing of it.

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If you're making a ship in archimedes ships, it can handle 32 full stacks of 64 blocks by default - even at or near this number you can get issues with the ship tearing itself apart when you get off the helm - turning it up is not recommended.

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Here is what I have been thinking about changing in the configs so far. I think they are all pretty self explanatory but if anyone has any questions on why I plan to change one let me know. 



B:"Basalt Cave Worldgen"=false (change to true)

I:"Flower Frequency"=1 (maybe change to 2)



B:backpackChestplate=true (change to false)



B:AutumnHills=false (change to true)

B:Bog=true (change to false)

B:BambooForest=true (change to false)

B:DeadForest=true (change to false)

B:DeadForestSnow=true (change to false)

B:DeadSwamp=true (change to false)

B:Deadlands=true (change to false)

B:Quagmire=true (change to false)

B:Wasteland=true (change to false)



B:"Enable Puddles During Rain"=true (change to false)



B:"Generate Stone Formations"=true (change to false)





D:itemHammerDamageChanceFromStairs=1.0 (change all to 0)



I:"Worldgen limestone amount"=4 (lower by 1 or 2)



environmentallyFriendlyCreepers=false (change to true)

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