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Tinkers Construct - Auto Repair HELP!!!

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I have searched all over the internet to get answers but have found nothing yet.  I made a alumite hammer with paper tough rod with several multiplies such as lapis, red stone, emerald, and ball of slime.  For some reason the ball of slime isnt working.  Yes i made it from mossy cobble.. not naturally generated mossy cobble.. stuff I made myself.  I have tried keeping it in my hot bar, in my inventory, in a chest, on a drying rack, on a drying rack in the sun and nothing has helped yet. I have flown around with it mostly until I seen someone say you need to walk around with it so morphed back into myself and walked around my lavender field for 3 days and nothing has fixed it.  What have I done wrong? how can I make this work? I am ready to make a cleaver with manyullyn and would love to put 2 paper tough rods on it so i can get more modifiers but I cant unless I get this auto repair with the ball of slime to work.... its either that or a full cleaver top to bottom manyullyn and lose the extra modifiers



Went into my test world and found out that the balls of slime do repair the cleavers but I cant get them to repair the hammers... any ideas?

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the slime ball isn't used for auto-repair properties but rather the Ball of Moss added by the mod. I'm assuming you used that and got that confused. The tool will slowly repair itself over time and it can take quite some time depending on the repair level. Each level of the auto-repair will make it go faster and it will be faster in daylight. You can manually repair the tool though if necessary using whatever material the head was made from (sounds like alumite in this case) - if the tool is marked as broken, it shouldn't auto-repair until you manually repair it, so keep this in mind.


You can tell if the auto-repair is properly working as the tool when you hold it will appear to "blink" briefly. Also, make sure the tool is in your primary inventory and not in any backpack or other storage system added by any mod.

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