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[1.6.4] HyruleCraft - Modded LoZ Server [PvP & PvE][75 slots][Open 24/7][HyruleCraft]

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Welcome to HyruleCraft (Modded LoZ Server)!


 HyruleCraft is a server and modpack that I have created to bring that nostalgic feel of Zelda into Minecraft! As you spawn into the server, you will be welcomed to the familiar tune of Kokori Forest, finding yourself on the top floor of The Inside of the Deku Tree.. As you navigate out you will find a small shop with some familiar faces where you'll be able to trade for some useful items.  On your first log-in you will be equipped a full set of Kokori Armor, as well as, A Kokori Sword and Deku Shield. The spawn Deku Tree will be home to some basic quests, as well as, a warp hub for future adventure maps.. The server is currently in a beta state as we currently work out some multiplayer bugs, but we will be stable soon and are currently open to the public! Come join the Hyrulian fun! 

All mods included are meant to bring you the feel of a freeroam world straight of the Zelda Universe! A list of current mods can be found in the changelog of the modpack on the modpack's technic page... 

HyruleCraft (Zelda) - Technic Platform 

Platform URL: 

 IP: hyrulecraft.mc-srv.com 

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