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Exacly, i dont have that lock button on the server i play on, but on my server and single player i have it, i know it is possible on the server i play on because iv seen other peoples private strongboxes (btw iv tryed deleting my attack of the b--team  and it didnt work

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Since you say, on your server and on your single player game its there..

the answer is simple:


the server owner as removed that perm. or changed the config to make strongbox locking a donor only perk.(since you say others can use it)

its probably an sneaky tatic the owner is using to try an make income. :/ I hate it when a server bans items unless you donate. that's the stupidest tactic ever.

it appers to be working. since those servers are making decent money every month. I run a server and barely pull in enough to keep it open. but I don't care. I wont ban items as donor only perks.


I would sugjest you either support that server by buying the strongbox ability form there shop. or move on and stop playing on that server

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That's actually a really cool idea in a way, it forces you to think of a clever way to hide and protect your stuff like vanilla minecraft (though if there's worldprotect or something then it escapes the point).


Maybe they had a lot of complaints about strongboxes not working with machines? (they only work if it's public, private and the machines can't access it).


Now you've got me wondering :D  Did they say why they'd disabled private strongboxes?

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