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about endertank( nether to overworld)


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i used endertank to get lava from nether world to overworld supplying magmetic dynamos, but its not filling up the endertank with lava in overworld continuously. I gave the same dyes on the top of both endertanks. the endertank in overworld just being filled when i go to netherland. how to fix the problem?

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Chunk loader with your pump in the nether.  Either the chunk loader by chicken chunk, or the dimensional anchor will do the same job.  You'll also want to change the size of the area the loaders keep loaded so that it covers the entire area the pump is pulling lava from.

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Don't have a video, but it's not that hard to explain with words. :)


The cheaper one to make is the dimensional anchor.  In a crafting table, place a block of iron(made from combining 9 iron bars) in the center and place 4 gold bars around it.  This makes the dimensional anchor.


Take this anchor with you into the nether.  Go to your lava pump and place the dimensional anchor next to, above, or at least near your pump.  Now right click on the anchor to open it's interface.  It should say a few things about the anchor and have a spot in the middle that says "area: 1x1"  there will be two squares on the bottom right of the interface, these are to make the area loaded be larger(green) or smaller(red).  left click on the green square and it should change the area from saying 1x1 too saying 3x3.  This should be all you need to do.  now you leave the anchor where it is and go back to the overworld.  Your pump should now be working better.


If you still have troubles, you might have too increase the area from 3x3 too 5x5 by clicking on the green square in the dimensional anchors interface.  The bigger you make the loaded area, the more memory it will use to keep that area loaded for you.  The one anchor shouldn't cause you any issues being loaded.  it usually doesn't start causing issues until you have a large area loaded, say 3-4 loading separate 5x5 areas at the same time while you are somewhere else entirely.


With an anchor in the nether, it would probably be a good idea to make a second one and place it roughly in the center of your overworld base, and increase it's ara to keep your whole base loaded.  That way when your away from your base, everything there will keep running as well.


Note: some poeple have troubles with the dimensional anchor.  It sometimes does not work for them.  If this happens to you, you might have to make the chunk loader instead.  It basicly does the same thing, but uses slightly different code to do it.  It's made by first crafting an enchanting table.  then placing the enchanting table in the bottom center of the crafting grid and placing 5 gold bars around it, finally placing an eye of ender on top(all in the crafting grid).  It's a bit more expensive to make, but seems to be more reliable, and looks cooler.  Other then looks, it operates the same way.  It's interface is a little different but it has controls to change the size of the area it is loading as well.  it also have a "show lasers" option that will give you a visable refrence of the area it is currently keeping loaded making it a little easier to use then the dimensional anchor.  Just be sure to turn off the show lasers option once you have its size set to save memory.

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